Invest in Total Wellness.

University Housing

Students who live on campus do better academically, have fewer conduct issues, and are more engaged in campus life. Simply put, University Housing is the safest, healthiest, happiest, and most convenient option for you!

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  1. All-inclusive Pricing

    When you choose to live on campus, you get more for your money. We have all-inclusive pricing with none of the hidden fees often charged off-campus.

    • Free Security 24/7
    • Free Maintenance 24/7
    • Free High-Speed Secure WiFi
    • Free Xfinity On-Demand Live TV
    • Free Use of Laundry Facilities
    • Free Furnishings (Bed, Desk, etc.)
    • Free Utilities: Electricity, Water, Trash & Sewer
    • On-site Support and Management 24/7 (no absent landlords)

  2. Free & Secure Ultra-Fast Internet

    When you live in University Housing, you have free access to our lightning-fast, spatial stream WiFi that is optimized for multi-user, multi-media coverage. Our WiFi also uses the latest encryption technology to help safeguard your personal information and digital experience.

  3. Xfinity On-Demand: Live TV & DVR

    Enjoy free access to Xfinity On-Demand when you live in University Housing. Simply use the Xfinity On-Demand App automatically deployed on your free iPad Pro and login with your University Single Sign On credentials to watch and record live TV, sports, movies, and more.

  4. Live Your Best Life on Campus

    Did you know who students who live on campus do better academically? By a full half-point in GPA! They also have fewer conduct issues, are more engaged in campus life, and have full access to Housing staff in case of any concerns.

    • Better academic performance
    • Quiet Hours for effective studying
    • Fewer conduct violations
    • Safer, healthier living conditions
    • More friends and social activities
    • More access to campus resources
    • Exclusive activities by Residence Life
    • Flexible room assignments; support with roommates
    • Convenient location; save time and money on travel

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Dorm-style University Housing

Dorm-style University Housing lets you focus on the things that are most important to you—classes, athletics, performing arts, jobs and internships, and socializing.

Let the University help manage many stressful aspects of life so you don’t have to—like cooking, cleaning, repair and maintenance, and keeping track of utilities. You’ll save even more time and energy on travel by being close to classes and practices. And having a University Meal Plan also saves you time while providing nutritional support for your physically and mentally demanding academic and extra-curricular schedule.

Dorm-style Housing is a great option for the ultra-busy student, athlete, or performer who wants to focus on their passion and leave the rest to us!

Maximum living flexibility

Apartment-style University Housing

Apartment-style University Housing gives you all the benefits of apartment living—like having access to a kitchen, more shared living spaces, and more privacy—plus all the benefits and convenience of University Housing.

Living close to classes and practices is convenient and saves you time. Plus, University staff, such as Security, IT, Housing, Maintenance, and Student Life are all available to support you and help resolve issues quickly. Add a partial meal plan to reduce stress even further, save more time, and provide nutritional support for your physically and mentally demanding academic and extra-curricular schedule.

Apartment-style Housing is a great option for the busy student who wants to maintain maximum living flexibility!

Housing FAQs

University Housing Policy requires unmarried students to live in university-supported housing until they meet all of the criteria below. To see the full University Housing Policies, visit the New tabUniversity Catalog.

  • Aged 21 or older*
  • Junior or senior class status (at least 56 completed credits)*
  • Have completed living on-campus for at least two full semesters

*Students who live at home with their parent(s) or legal guardian(s) within a 75-mile radius of campus may apply for a New tabHousing Exception.

  • Southern Virginia University does not currently offer housing for married students.

  • The New tabAcademic Calendar lists the housing check-in and check-out dates for each semester. Students who need to arrive early or stay late must receive approval from the housing office at Not all accommodations can be honored due to resource limitations. Financial fees are associated with an early arrival or a late stay.

  • Residents will be assigned a Resident Advisor (RA) to assist with conflicts throughout the year.

    At the beginning of the semester, roommates and housemates meet and review the roommate agreement with a member of housing staff, where they can state and resolve concerns. If issues come up during the semester, the office of housing is available to rereview the roommate agreement.

  • The Housing Packing Guide lists items you should and should not bring with you to campus.

  • Students are welcome to bring a vehicle to campus. Vehicles must be registered to park on campus, otherwise towing will be enforced. This process is free and can be completed during the housing check-in or by visiting the campus security office located in Main Hall B1.

    Parking at housing residences is free and on a first-come first-served basis due to limited capacity. Students can also park for free in campus lots and city street parking.