With personalized mentoring from outstanding professors, we combine an excellent liberal arts core education with your choice of major, minor, concentration, or advisement track.

Academic Core

A liberal arts education is a transformative, multidisciplinary experience that draws from the best sources. Our Academic Core teaches every student essential skills: to think analytically, communicate effectively, and write persuasively.

Small Classes

With an average class size of 15 students, our unique and engaging educational model encourages active learning directly from accomplished professors. As a result, 98 percent of seniors rated their relationships with professors above average.

Excellent Results

Our seniors rank in the top seven percent nationally for freshman-to-senior improvement. That’s why we boast a 93-percent job and graduate school placement rate — the highest reported placement rate in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Degree Programs

Majors & Minors

Majors and minors give students an opportunity to develop confidence and competency in a specific field. Every student must complete at least one major to graduate.

Career Concentrations

Concentrations are central to Southern Virginia’s efforts to launch our students into careers or graduate school. These programs are designed to connect the training students get in their majors and core courses to specific skills and experiences that they will use after college.

Concentrations contain a small number of required and suggested courses, as well as a required internship or practical experience. Moreover, advisors for each concentration work closely with individual students to guide and personalize the experience according to their specific interests, needs, and goals.

Students interested in concentrations should talk with their academic advisor or to the advisor of their desired concentration.

Concentrations marked with an asterisk (*) are designed to prepare students to seek a graduate degree.

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