We are a private, self-reliant, residential University, aligned with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Our mission is to gather faithful Latter-day Saints and like-minded students, with them in intellect, character, and spirituality, and launch them into successful lives and careers.

Gather. Lift. Launch.

These three words are the driving force behind everything we do at Southern Virginia University. They explain why we’ve become one of the fastest-growing schools in the country.


Southern Virginia is a gathering place for members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. With a Code of Honor based on the values of the Church, we welcome students from all over the country to live and learn on our faith-aligned campus. More than 9-in-10 of our students are Latter-day Saints and 1-in-3 are Returned Missionaries.


At Southern Virginia, we help students maximize their potential. Through personalized education from caring professors and 95% participation in extracurriculars, we lift students to heights they never imagined. That’s why we rank in the top 7% nationally for freshmen-to-senior improvement.


Our educational model is designed to launch students into meaningful lives and careers. In fact, Southern Virginia’s 93% job and graduate-school placement rate within one month of graduation is the highest of any school in Virginia and more than twice the national average.