Student Support Services

College is a new and exciting experience. As you are growing mentally, socially, and spiritually in a new environment, we are here to provide extra support for your safety and wellbeing.

  • Students with any type of physical, medical, psychological, or emotional disability are entitled by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to receive accommodations. Southern Virginia University is committed to providing a learning environment that accommodates and supports students with disabilities.

  • The Counseling Center provides brief model therapy mental health services in person by licensed clinicians (or clinicians under the supervision of a licensed clinician) to current students free of charge.

  • The safety of our students is a top priority. A member of the campus security team is on duty at all times. For safety concerns, contact campus security at 540-261-4911.

  • At Southern Virginia University, we want to make sure that you are living and studying in a safe and healthy environment. We provide an environment free from unlawful discrimination or harassment, including sexual assault or rape, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual exploitation, and stalking. Under Title IX, Southern Virginia prohibits discrimination and harassment, including sexual violence on the basis of sex/gender in any of the University’s programs or activities.

    If at any point you experience any sort of discrimination, harassment, or are the victim of sexual violence on the basis of your sex/gender, please contact the Title IX office.

  • Campus Wellness helps students live their healthiest lives by providing support in finding local health resources and medical providers in the community and encouraging and promoting healthy lifestyle choices through activities and education.

    Students can join the New tabKnight App Wellness Group for announcements, wellness tips, and details regarding fitness classes and wellness activities during the school year.