SVU campus in Fall

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Academic Center

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Kimball Student Center

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Main Hall in snow

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Buena Vista YSA Stake Center

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Nestled in foothills of Virginia’s majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, Southern Virginia University’s beautiful campus is home to a friendly and engaging community whose collective motto is Love One Another.

“This Campus Has Serenity Conducive to Learning…”

“…not all campuses have such a sense of peace. I think that’s why the Lord chose mountain tops and sacred groves for his teachings. When the rush, noises, and pressure of everyday life do not distract us, we can more easily connect with the Spirit of the Lord.”

— Elder Ronald A. Rasband, New tabSept. 16, 2016

View of Buena Vista

Good Views Only

Experience life in the heart of Virginia’s idyllic Shenandoah Valley, where you are surrounded by vibrant green hills, rolling rivers, and charming red brick towns. Our town, Buena Vista, means “good view” in Spanish—and it lives up to its name. The surrounding views are spectacular.

Campus Map & Directions
Beautiful View of the Blue Ridge Mountains

A National Park in Your Backyard

Explore the wonders of our nearby Shenandoah National Park—home to the world-famous Appalachian Trail with its picturesque hikes, sparkling waterfalls, and quiet caves—one of the most photographed places in America.

Knights’ Favorite Outdoor Activities

With so much to do in our surrounding area, it can be difficult to know where to begin. Use the menu below to find popular locales based on activity.

Dinky Hill
The trails behind the Lofts wrap around Dinky Hill

New tabThe Chessie Trail
Trail begins by Hwy 60 in Buena Vista at the bridge that crosses the Maury

New tabReservoir Hollow Trail
Trail begins at 12th street

The Flood Wall
Entrance at 21st or 10th street

New tabBluff Mountain
20-minute drive to trailhead

New tabAppalachian Trail
20-minute drive to access

New tabHouse Mountain
30-minute drive to trailhead

New tabThe Devil’s Marbleyard
30-minute drive to trailhead

New tabMount Pleasant
40-minute drive to trailhead

New tabCole Mountain
40-minute drive to trailhead

New tabSpy Rock
40-minute drive to trailhead

New tabSharp Top
45-minute drive to trailhead

New tabMcAfee Knob
1-hour drive to trailhead

New tabDragon’s Tooth
1-hour drive to trailhead

New tabTinker Cliffs
1-hour drive to trailhead

New tabStatons Creek Falls
20-minute drive

New tabPanther Falls
30-minute drive to trailhead

New tabCrabtree Falls
45-minute drive to trailhead

New tabFalling Spring
1-hour drive

New tabLake Robertson Recreation
30-minute drive to campsite

New tabOtter Creek
30-minute drive to campsite

New tabPeaks of Otter
45-minute drive to campsite

New tabBlue Ridge Parkway
8-minute drive to access point

New tabRoute 39: Appalachian Waters Scenic Byway
10-minute drive to access point

Plan Your Campus Visit

There is no feeling quite like being on campus. That’s why we’ll reimburse 20 cents per mile up to $400 of your travel expenses so you can experience it for yourself!