Financial Aid

Scholarships & Grants

To help make our education as affordable as possible, we award more than $5 million in annual university scholarships. To learn more and apply, please see our scholarships and links below.


  • Southern Virginia University awards Academic Scholarships based on your incoming high school or college GPA and your standardized test scores. To be considered for an academic scholarship, complete an admissions application and submit your transcript(s).

    3.6 – 3.79OR21-231060-1150=$5,000
    3.2 – 3.5918-20960-1050$4,000
    2.5 – 3.19$3,000

  • You can earn a Performance Scholarship to pursue your passion in art, design, cheer, dance, music (band, choir, orchestra, etc.), theatre, esports, and more. To apply, use the links below or contact your admissions counselor for application instructions.

  • Service helps develop valuable qualities like charity, selflessness, and work ethic. In recognition of such service, the Missionary Service Scholarship awards $1,500 annually—$6,000 over four years—to students who have served a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or performed comparable humanitarian service.

  • The Seminary Scholarship awards Seminary graduates $1,000 annually, up to four years for a total of $4,000. To see if you qualify for this scholarship, contact your Admissions Counselor.

  • Southern Virginia University is offering a new scholarship opportunity for dependents of Seminaries & Institutes of Religion (S&I) employees across North America.

    S&I Scholarship Specifics
    Dependents of S&I employees living anywhere in North America can apply for SVU’s new S&I Scholarship, awarded on a first-come, first-served basis (with a limit of 50 awards annually).

    • S&I Scholarship covers half of the cost of tuition before room and board (e.g., SVU’s 2024–25 tuition is set at $10,390 per semester; therefore, SVU will award the 2023–24 S&I Scholarship at $5,195 per semester, covering half of tuition before room and board.)
    • S&I Scholarship recipients are not eligible for any additional institutional scholarships (merit, need, or talent) but remain eligible for private scholarships and government financial aid such as the Federal Pell Grant and Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant.
    • S&I Scholarship recipients may access this scholarship for a total of eight semesters over the space of six calendar years starting from the date of the initial award.

    How to Apply
    To apply for an S&I Scholarship, please email the Office of Admissions with “S&I Scholarship” in the subject line at Emails should include the applicant’s name, address, and desired entry term (e.g., Fall 2024), as well as the name, title, and employee ID of their respective guardian who is an employee of S&I. The Office of Admissions will only award an S&I Scholarship after the applicant also completes a New tabfree online application.

  • In addition to university scholarships and government aid, we encourage all incoming and current students to work with Financial Services to identify and apply for the numerous private scholarships available to college students.


  • Students who demonstrate financial need can qualify for a Federal Pell Grant worth up to $7,395 annually—more than $29,000 over four years—in free financial aid from the federal government. To determine if you qualify for a Pell Grant, please complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) using our unique school code: 003738.

  • Virginia residents can qualify for a Virginia Tuition Assistance Grant (VTAG) worth up to $5,000 annually—$20,000 over four years—in free financial aid from the Commonwealth of Virginia. To determine if you qualify for the VTAG, please apply via the link below: