Maren Nixon Senior Art Project

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Pirates of Penzance performance

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Chamber Singers performing

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SVU Marching Band drumline

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Digital art on an iPad

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SVU Orchestra performance

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Creators & Performers wanted

Pursue your creative passions in a faith-supportive environment.

Southern Virginia University choir


Music major or not, you can be part of a high-quality ensemble where you will have more face-time and training with your world-class director, more extraordinary musical experiences and performances, and more community and friends who share your passion of the power of music.

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Student painting.


Find your voice as an artist formally, skillfully, and with creativity. As you deepen your technical foundations, learn how to make a career with your craft. No starving artists here.

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Aly Day with graphic design work.


Look around — almost everything we see was designed by an artist. Visual communication and literacy have never been more important than they are today, and opportunities for career success for graduates with a design degree are more promising than ever.

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Theatre production of a Midsummer Night's Dream.


Deliver ephemeral performances from our black box theatre to a dedicated fan base. As a member of Southern Virginia University’s theatre cast and crew, you will experience every part of a production and develop your talents at a professional level.

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Live near the best in the nation.

With our close proximity to Washington D.C., you can easily access the National Gallery of Art, the Lincoln Center, or the Hirshorn Museum. And with a few additional hours of a drive, you could be in New York at the MOMA, the Guggenheim, or seeing a show on Broadway.