Pursue Your Passion.

Make music a part of your college experience.

The Southern Virginia University Music Program is structured as co-curricular so you can continue to be a serious musician regardless of what you study.

In any of our ensembles, you will have more face-time and training with your world-class director, more extraordinary musical experiences and performances, and more community and friends who share your passion of the power of music.

Meet Your Mentor

Professor Hyrum Arnesen

Hyrum Arnesen

Visiting Assistant Professor of Music

Professor Michael Black

Michael Black

Assistant Professor of Music, Director of Bands

Professor Jacob Hofer

Jakob Hofer

Assistant Professor of Music; Orchestra Director

Professor Megan Mason

Megan Mason

Assistant Professor of Music; Fine & Performing Arts Division Chair; Music Program Coordinator

Professor Kyle Nielsen

Kyle Nielsen

Assistant Professor of Music; Director of Choral Activities

Professor Mackenzie Romriell

Mackenzie Romriell

Assistant Professor of Music; Director of Vocal Performance