Brand Guidelines

The Office of Marketing seeks to elevate awareness and perception of Southern Virginia University by promoting a strong brand identity to key University constituents and stakeholders, including current and prospective students, their parents, alumni, faculty and staff, and other donors and friends of the University.

The Brand Director manages the University’s brand in close coordination with the President’s Leadership Council.

Primary Logo

Main Hall is the most recognized brand symbol for Southern Virginia University. Its prominent location above Buena Vista is reminiscent of the Savior’s teaching that a light “set on a hill cannot be hid.”

The Primary Logo consists of the Tower Logo and Southern Virginia University Wordmark. The arrangement, orientation, proportions, or spacing of the logo and wordmark should not be altered.

Red SVU Logo

Color Combinations

White and Crimson are the primary colors and should be used most often. Crimson may also be used on silver, or white on black or anthracite. Crimson should not be used on black or anthracite and vice-versa without express permission from the Brand & Creative Office.


The logo should be well balanced and in proportion — not too large or too small on the page or screen.

Recommended minimum size is 30 pixels for screen, and .25 inches in print.

Clear Space

Don’t crowd the logo. When placing other elements nearby, ensure minimum clear space for brand consistency.

Clear space can be measured using the width of the tower logo. See example below.

Logo Spacing Example

Alternate Logos

The Tower Logo may be used without the Wordmark as a quick university identifier on social media accounts, email signatures, campus signage, etc.

Souther Virginia University’s seal is used primarily for formal academic purposes like certificates and official documents. The seal may also be used on clothing or other selected items with express permission from the Branding & Creative Office.

Athletic Logos

Knights have a rich tradition of chivalry, courage, service, and valor; these ideals perfectly align with the principles and values of our university. The Knight Logo is designed to represent these values.

Shield Logo

The Knight Logo and Shield Logo are Southern Virginia University’s athletic logos. The “Knights” and “University” versions are for general use. The Shield Logo may be customized for individual teams (see Athletic Sub Brands below).

Athletic Sub Brands

The Shield Logo may be customized for individual athletic teams.


Do not diminish the value of the logo by applying treatments. See the below sample of treatments to avoid.


Klim Type Foundry



Type weight provides hierarchy to distinguish between pieces of information.

Söhne Buch and Halbfett

You belong here.
You belong here.

Klim Type Foundry



Type weight provides hierarchy to distinguish between pieces of information.

Signifier Extralight and Light

You belong here.
You belong here.


Primary Palette

Crimson, White, and Silver are the primary colors of Southern Virginia University.

Crimson is the most recognizable color of our unique campus architecture. For medieval knights, this deep red color symbolized victory, while white symbolized the ideals of perfection and purity.

Silver conjures imagery of a knight’s shining armor. Historically, gray or silver symbolized balance and justice. Today, the color represents modernity, solidity, and strength.

Athletic uniforms should only use the University’s primary colors.

Alternate Colors

Because Crimson is difficult to see on dark colors, they should be used sparingly. Anthracite and black are to be used only for coaches or player gear, but not on uniforms.

Secondary Palette

The secondary palette may be used to add variety and interest to designs that would benefit from more color. This palette is based on a Blue Ridge sunset.

Logo Downloads

The Office of Marketing reserves the right to remove any document, social media post, presentation, gear or apparel that is in violation of this agreement and the logos contained herein.
Visit the link below to access downloadable logos.
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For any questions about using these guidelines, please contact: