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The best education married with the best technology

We are an Apple Distinguished School.

Apple has consecutively named Southern Virginia University a distinguished school for continuous innovation in learning, teaching, and the school environment.

By infusing our education with technology, we’re disrupting traditional teaching methods, leveling the technological playing field, and maximizing student learning.

How could an iPad improve your college experience?

An iPad for every student.

We equip every full-time student and faculty member with an iPad, Apple Pencil, and Smart Keyboard—at no extra cost above tuition. Once you finish your degree, you get to keep your iPad as a graduation present.

Our tech-rich learning environment also includes large, high-definition monitors and self-contained Apple TV systems in every classroom for live interactive teaching and learning.

Survey Says…


of students say the iPad improves classroom experience & increases collaboration


of students list the iPad as important to their overall experience


of courses at Southern Virginia are taught with high iPad utilization

Carlos DuranStudents outside with iPads.
  1. Supercharged Collaboration

    Every academic program leverages the iPad in unique ways to increase collaboration in the classroom. For example:

    • Music uses the iPad for all sheet music, as a metronome, pitch pipe, notation tool, portable recording studio, etc.
    • In Math, the iPad has become a shared virtual chalkboard where professors and students work through solutions in real-time.
    • Art students use apps like Procreate and Adobe Sketch to create digital masterpieces.

  2. Leveled Technological Playing Field

    Our commitment to gathering students across the academic and economic spectrum requires us to lift students at all levels.

    By providing the same technology to everyone, we close the digital divide and empower each student to achieve success in their career and life—regardless of background or means.

  3. Saving Textbook Costs

    The iPad has helped lower textbook costs while making course materials easier to access, transport, and maintain.

    Professors have online or ebook options for many required texts, and some have even created unique, media-rich ebooks for their classes.

    In the course Reason and the Self, professors have eliminated textbook costs altogether by creating an open-source, media-rich, digital textbook—reducing their course cost by $120 per student or $46,000 annually.

“Virtually every data point that we measure related to student-experience and technology has improved since implementing the LaunchPad Initiative and integrating it with our academic experience.”

—Jon Wallin, Chief of Staff and director of Institutional Effectiveness

Taking a Leap with The LaunchPad Initiative.

Southern Virginia University began equipping students and campus with Apple technology in the fall of 2017—known as the LaunchPad Initiative. Conversations about the partnership began just a year prior, but recognizing the transformative effect a technology-rich campus would have on student outcomes, Southern Virginia rapidly adopted the technology—becoming the fastest school at the time to do so.

In just two years of the initiative’s operation, Apple named Southern Virginia University as a distinguished school for 2019-22, and again renewed the distinguishment for 2023-25.

We can’t wait to see what’s next.