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Students who have attempted any college credit after high school graduation should select "Transfer"

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Colleges and universities are asked by many groups, including the federal government, and accrediting associations, to describe the ethnic/racial backgrounds of their students and employees. In order to help us respond to these requests, please answer the following two questions:


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Title IX Statement

It is the policy of Southern Virginia University to prohibit discrimination on the basis of sex in any of its educational programs or activities. This policy is in accordance with Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

Prohibited sex discrimination covers sexual harassment including sexual violence. Sexual harassment is conduct that is sexual in nature and is sufficiently severe, persistent, and pervasive that it adversely affects a student’s ability to benefit from the University’s activities or educational programs or creates a hostile or abusive educational environment. Sexual harassment may include rape, sexual assault, sexual battery, sexual coercion, unwanted touching, dating violence, and sexually motivated stalking.

If you encounter what you believe is unlawful sexual harassment or sex-based discrimination, please contact to the University Title IX Coordinator, Stephanie Hardy, at 540-261-4090 or

Additional information regarding the reporting of sexual violence, the resources that are available to victims of sexual violence, and grievance procedures is set forth at


Religious Affiliation

At Southern Virginia University, RM's receive an annual scholarship.

Code of Conduct

The University’s Code of Conduct is based on the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and His commandment to Love One Another, and is grounded in the Church’s 13th Article of Faith: “We believe in being honest, true, chaste, benevolent, virtuous, and in doing good to all.” We invite and welcome all who will sincerely strive to live by these principles and shared commitments to one another.


  • Be trustworthy and keep promises
  • Live a chaste and virtuous life, including abstaining from sexual relations outside of marriage
  • Abstain from alcohol, tobacco, marijuana, vaping, and any form of substance abuse


  • Be honest in all things
  • Obey the law and follow university policies
  • Do not cheat, steal, or plagiarize


  • Be kind and treat all people with dignity and respect
  • Use clean language free from profanity, vulgarity, and discriminatory speech
  • Do not abuse, bully, harass, or discriminate against others

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Our dress and appearance should be clean, respectful, and appropriate for the occasion.

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International Application Requirements
International students outside the U.S. and Canada seeking admission to Southern Virginia University must comply with the following requirements:

$250 Application Fee
International applicants must pay a $250 non-refundable fee before their application is reviewed. If admitted, this fee will be applied to tuition.

Transcript Evaluation
In addition to their official transcript, international applicants must submit an evaluation of their foreign academic credits by a recognized foreign credential evaluation service.
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