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Art studies different visual media like painting, drawing, sculpture, and photography. It builds visual vocabulary, understanding of visual relationships present in the art, and personal artistic style.

About the Art Major

In our visually oriented society, an understanding of visual communication—historical and contemporary—is vital to understanding the world and who people are throughout time in areas such as printmaking, oil painting, watercolor, and photography. Works of art provide a key to understanding culture, thought, and human experience, and opportunities for career success for graduates with an art degree are continuously growing.

The art program at Southern Virginia University develops students’ proficiency in their chosen medium. Students in the program engage in challenging artistic experiences in small classroom settings that provide one-on-one mentoring from professors and cultivate literate, articulate artists with both breadth and depth of artistic experience. The culmination of the undergraduate experience is a group exhibition in which each student presents a focused body of work in a particular medium, with opportunities to present work in local shows and galleries.

Learning Outcomes

What you’ll learn in the Art major:

  1. Proficiency in chosen artistic medium
  2. Ability to visually communicate ideas in chosen artistic medium
  3. Familiarity with ethical standards and socially responsible behaviors
  4. Knowledge of contemporary art and art history

Career Opportunities

There is a wide array of potential careers with an art degree, including jobs in painting, photography, multimedia art, digital design, and more depending on your personal and professional goals.

  • Architect
  • Artist
  • Illustrator
  • Photographer
  • Museum Curator
  • Fashion Designer
  • Interior Designer
  • Brand Strategist
  • Art Therapist

Getting Started with the Art Major

Follow these simple steps below to get a head start in the
Art Major today.


Begin by taking Drawing I (ART 120) in your first year

Contact Your Advisor

Get in touch with your Academic Advisor to discuss your interests and goals


Turn in a completed PDFDeclare Major Form to the Registrar’s Office

Questions? Contact the Registrar at

Art Faculty

Professor Barbara Crawford

Barbara Crawford

Professor of Art

Professor Doug Himes

Doug Himes

Associate Professor of Art

Professor Jacob Ricks

Jacob Ricks

Assistant Professor of Art; Art & Design Program Coordinator

Marie Withers

Marie Withers

Visiting Assistant Professor of Art & Design

“Art is a fundamental part of our lives and an essential part of a properly functioning society. It tells stories, allows us to express who we are, unifies, and brings awareness to social issues. In short, art helps shape the world. Our students receive a foundation in and focus on principles of design, insight into historical and contemporary trends, and opportunities to develop their individual style so they can succeed as artists.”

—Jacob Ricks, Assistant Professor of Art