Tuition & Payments

At less than half the national average for private colleges, our tuition is surprisingly affordable. Additionally, we award more than $5 million annually in merit-, need-, and talent-based scholarships to eligible students.

Paying for College

Earn Scholarships

We offer generous academic and need-based scholarships to virtually every student. Your admissions director can help you apply for scholarships and government grants.

Graduate Faster

Our curriculum is designed to help you graduate faster. On average, our students earn their degrees in just four years compared to the national average of six years.

Invest in Yourself

Education is an invaluable investment that will enrich and improve your life. Plus, college graduates earn on average $1 million more than their peers without degrees.

Pricing before Scholarships & Aid


To make our tuition as affordable as possible, we award more than $5 million annually in scholarships and financial aid to virtually all eligible students. To review opportunities for financial aid, please visit Scholarships & Aid.

Full-time $8,980 per semester
Part-time $795 per credit


Pricing for university housing includes utilities, furniture, and high-speed internet.

per semester
The Lofts (four-person room) $1,992
Robey & Craton Halls $2,068
Carriage Townhomes (regular room) $2,120
Carriage Mods $2,136
The Lofts (three-person room) $2,232
Carriage Townhomes (large room) $2,232
Library Mods $2,328
Walnut Avenue Apartments $2,524
Private Room Fee $600

Housing Discounts

Because living on-campus is connected to many positive outcomes, we offer housing discounts based on class standing.

Senior Discount $348
Junior Discount $248
Sophomore Discount $148

Residential Dining Plans

Available to all students, residential dining plans are required for students in Residence Halls without kitchens.

Standard Plus
(175 points per week; 3 meals per day plus snacks)
(150 points per week; 2-3 meals per day)
(100 points per week; 1-2 meals per day)

Commuter Dining Plans

Commuter dining plans are available to students in Residence Halls with kitchens or students living off-campus.

Standard Commuter
(50 points per week; 6 meals per week)
Partial Commuter
(25 points per week; 3 meals per week)

Summer Costs

Summer term is an opportunity to graduate faster at a reduced price. Financial aid can be applied to summer costs.

Full-Time Summer Tuition (6-8 credits) $2600 flat rate
Part-Time Summer Tuition (less than 6 credits) $495 per credit
Summer Housing $295 per month


For more information, please review our Financial Policies. If you have any questions, please contact Student Financial Services at 540-261-8405 or