Teacher Licensure: Advisement track


The mission of the Teacher Education Program at Southern Virginia University is to prepare students to become teachers who are intelligent, compassionate, honorable and dynamic leaders in their classrooms, schools and communities.

The teacher education program envisions preparing informed life-long leaders and learners who value the dignity of all persons and are ready and willing to share a pilgrimage of openness and continuous growth as they invite others to join them.

About the Program

Students at Southern Virginia University can earn a Virginia state license in Elementary PreK-6 Education, Music Instrumental PreK-12 Education, Music Vocal PreK-12 Education, English Education, Mathematics Education, Algebra I add-on Education, and Spanish PreK-12 Education. Southern Virginia currently participates in a consortium with Washington and Lee University. The Rockbridge Teacher Education Consortium (RTEC) allows Southern Virginia students the opportunity to visit these campuses to complete coursework that is required for licensure. Detailed information pertaining to each endorsement area is located below. Students are encouraged to meet with the Director of Teacher Education or visit the Registrar’s office to discuss course and fieldwork requirements if they are interested in pursuing a career in teaching.

A liberal arts education provides excellent preparation for Elementary and PreK-12 teaching. Every state requires professional education courses for licensure in order to be able to teach in the public school systems. In most cases, students who meet the requirements for a Virginia license will receive initial licensure to teach in all other states through reciprocal agreements among state departments of education. In addition, many private schools favor applicants who have been licensed through a state-approved program.