Personalized Career Preparation

Our personalized approach to career preparation is complete with white glove service: one-on-one mentoring with career coaches to help you explore careers, craft excellent resumes, apply for jobs and graduate schools, prepare for in-person interviews, and request personalized letters of recommendation from your mentors.

Superior Placement Rates

Over the past five years, our innovative strategy has helped more than 90% of our job-seeking graduates secure full-time employment or grad-school placement within three months of graduation. That’s more than double the national average and the highest reported rate in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Perfect Prep for Grad School

Our academic model will prepare you for graduate-school success. That’s why nearly 40% of our alumni go on to earn advanced degrees. Including professional schools (Business, Law, Medical, and Dental) which have notorioiusly high standards for admitting applicants, our graduate-school-placement rate is higher than 90%—nearly twice the national average.

Set Your Spiritual Course

College is an important time to develop the habits and skills that will sustain you throughout your life—both temporally and spiritually. That’s why we follow the counsel of Joseph Smith and teach correct principles that empower students to learn to govern themselves. If embraced, these values can help guide you throughout your life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.

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Get Ahead by Graduating Faster

Did you know it takes college students an average of six years to earn a four-year degree? At Southern Virginia University, we save you time and money by making sure you can graduate on time in just four years. Graduating faster also means you’ll have more time to get ahead in your career.

Your Launch Sequence for Success

Our unique academic model of Core + Major + Concentration provides you both a strong foundation and flexibility, allowing you to tailor your education while developing the most in-demand skills in the workplace. Paired with academic advisors and success coaches invested in your growth, you will be more than ready for lift off.

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