Athletics Director

Southern Virginia University
Athletics Director
Full Time

Southern Virginia University is seeking a talented and motivated Athletic Director. The Athletic Director holds a vital role within the University, overseeing all aspects of the athletic department’s operations. The Athletic Director plays a multifaceted role in overseeing the holistic development and success of athletic programs. The Athletic Director must possess a combination of leadership, managerial, and interpersonal skills, along with a deep commitment to supporting the well-being and growth of student-athletes.

Minimum Qualifications
  • Bachelor’s degree in sports management, education, business administration, or a related field.
  • Previous experience in athletics administration, coaching, or related fields, with a demonstrated track record of leadership and success.
  • Strong understanding of NCAA rules and regulations, as well as relevant state and federal laws pertaining to athletics.
  • Excellent communication, interpersonal and organizational skills, with the ability to work effectively with diverse stakeholders.
  • Proven ability to manage budgets, prioritize tasks, and make sound decisions under pressure.
  • Commitment to fostering an inclusive and equitable athletic environment that prioritizes the well-being of student-athletes.
  • Knowledge of current trends and best practices in athletics administration, marketing, and facilities management.
  • Proven ability to fundraise for athletic programs and/or facilities.

Preferred Qualifications
  • Master’s degree
  • Previous experience as an Athletic Director, Associate or Assistant Athletic Director

  • Strategic Planning: Develop and implement strategic plans for the athletic department in alignment with the institution’s mission and goals.
  • Budget Management: Prepare and manage the athletic department budget, allocating funds appropriately to support various programs, facilities, and personnel.
  • Personnel Management: Recruit, hire, train, and supervise coaches, trainers, administrative staff, and other personnel within the athletic department.
  • Compliance: Ensure compliance with all relevant regulations, rules, and policies governing athletics, including those set forth by governing bodies such as the NCAA or state athletic associations.
  • Facilities Management: Oversee the maintenance and scheduling of athletic facilities, ensuring they meet safety standards and accommodate the needs of various sports programs.
  • Athletic Program Development: Work to enhance the quality and competitiveness of athletic programs through recruiting efforts, fundraising initiatives, and strategic partnerships.
  • Student-Athlete Support: Foster an environment that prioritizes the academic, personal, and athletic development of student-athletes, providing support services as needed.
  • Community Engagement: Cultivate positive relationships with alumni, donors, parents, and the broader community to garner support for athletic programs and initiatives.
  • Event Management: Coordinate and oversee athletic events, including games, tournaments, and other competitions, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently.

About Southern Virginia University

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Interested candidates should submit a cover letter, resume, and contact information for three professional references to Human Resources at Applications will be accepted and reviewed until the position is filled.

Southern Virginia University is an equal opportunity employer. This document provides information regarding the essential functions of the designated job, and the general nature and level of work associated therewith. It should not be interpreted as describing all duties related to this position, nor used to limit the nature and extent of assignments given to an employee.