General Information

Receptionist: 540-261-8400
Toll Free: 800-229-8420
Fax: 540-266-3859
Address: One University Hill Drive
Buena Vista, Va. 24416

Campus Offices

Accounts Payable 540-261-8452
Admissions 540-261-8401
Annual Giving 540-261-8448
Art Studio 540-261-8578
Athletics 540-261-8407
Bookstore 540-261-1181
Communications and Marketing 540-261-8441
Development Office 540-261-8448
Dining Hall 540-261-8491
Financial Services (Business Office) 540-261-8405
Housing 540-261-8458
Human Resources & Payroll 540-261-8411
Institute of Religion (CES) 540-264-0022
Institutional Advancement 540-261-8444
Jonzzey's Cafe 540-261-8490
Library 540-261-4084
Maintenance Office 540-261-4927
Mail Center 540-261-8485
Nurse's Office 540-261-8469
President's Office 540-261-4100
Provost's Office 540-261-8535
Public Safety & Security (OPSS) 540-261-4911
Registrar's Office 540-261-8408
Rice Fitness Center 540-261-8495
Scene Shop 540-264-2063
Student Association 540-264-2083
Student Life 540-261-8581
Student Professional Development 540-261-8483
Student Support Center 540-261-8470
Technology Support 540-261-8406
Ticket Purchasing 540-261-8456
Travel Study 540-261-8534
Writing Center 540-264-2065
Zion's Camp 540-264-2033

Faculty & Staff Directory

Name Phone Email Area
Adams, Josh 540-261-8481 Information Technology Support and Communications
Alford, Brennan 540-261-8415 Admissions
Alston, Wendi 540-261-8459 Student Financial Services
Armstrong, John 540-261-8557 Division of Humanities
Bailey, Robby 540-261-8460 Student Financial Services
Baldridge, Miyoko 540-261-4089 Library & Learning Resources
Baldridge, Steve 540-261-8548 Division of Social Sciences
Barger, Barbara 540-261-8491 Food Services
Barney, Jake 540-261-8495 Athletics
Bell, Thomas 540-261-8570 Mathematics
Benedict, Jeffrey 540-261-8566 Division of Humanities
Bouchelle, Hugh 540-261-4921 Division of Humanities
Bouchelle, Joseph 540-261-8472 Student Life
Bowen, Charles 540-261-4097 Student Life
Bowers, Tim 540-261-8431 Admissions
Boyer, Braxton Communications and Marketing
Braddy, William 540-261-8450 Institutional Advancement
Brandt, John 540-261-8467 Financial Aid
Brotherson, Carrie 540-261-8534 Travel Study Program
Brotherson, W. Todd 540-261-8539 Division of Social Sciences
Burgoyne, Cameron Communications
Burgoyne, Chelsea 540-261-8416 Admissions
Caputo, Tammy 540-261-8528 Registrar
Caputo, Tony 540-261-8523 Athletics
Card, Orson Division of Humanities
Carter, La Rae 540-261-8582 Division of Arts
Clark, Camille 540-261-8491 Food Services
Cluff, Amaree 540-261-8541 Division of Arts
Cluff, C. Randall 540-261-8558 Division of Humanities
Coffey, Larry 540-261-4911 Public Safety and Security
Cooper, Tyson 540-261-8463 Business Office
Cox, David 540-261-8568 Division of Humanities
Cox, Kenzie 540-261-8522 Athletics
Cox, Tyler 540-261-8506 Athletics
Crawford, Barbara 540-261-8576 Division of Arts
Crowther, Cameron 540-261-8483 Career Development
Davis, Logan 540-261-8510 Athletics
Davis, Melissa 540-261-4087 Library & Learning Resources
DeSpain, Trenton 540-261-8453 Finance and Accounting
Dobbins, Heather 540-261-8585 Division of Arts
Dougherty, Marian 540-261-8497 Athletics
Dransfield, Scott 540-261-4122 Provost
Dryden, Deidra 540-261-8516 Athletics
DuPaix, Danny 540-261-8499 Athletics
DuPaix, Joe 540-261-8505 Athletics
Durrance, Connie 540-261-8569 Division of Humanities
Edwards, Matt 540-261-8502 Athletics
Egbert, Corey 540-261-8435 Communications and Marketing
Falevai, Losehina 540-261-8422 Admissions
Feinauer, Etta 540-261-8466 Financial Aid
Flint, PJ 540-261-4929 Physical Facilities
Floyd, Missy 540-570-0848 Division of Social Sciences
Fonoti, Toniu 540-261-8499 Athletics
Fuentes, Arlene 540-261-8559 Division of Humanities
Furler, Arthur 540-261-4094 Physical Facilities
Garcia, Brett 540-261-4096 Admissions
Gardner, Richard 540-261-8593 Division of Mathematics and Science
Garrett, Steve 540-460-0468 Division of Social Sciences
Garrett, William 540-261-4911 Public Safety and Security
Gearhart, Joseph 540-261-8549 Division of Social Sciences
Gibbons, Kristie 540-261-4100 President's Office
Gibbons, Michael 540-261-8470 Student Life
Gilmer, Cathy 540-261-8461 Student Financial Services
Gilmer, Stephanie 540-261-8480 Information Technology Support
Golden, Scott 540-261-4925 Physical Facilities
Grawrock, Matt 540-261-8518 Athletics
Greene, Michael 540-261-8479 Information Technology Support
Gwynn, Nicole 540-261-8511 Athletics
Hall, Kortny 540-261-8512 Athletics
Hanchett, Cynthia 540-261-8555
Hand, Brennan 540-261-8507 Athletics
Hanson, Brent 540-261-8577 Theatre and Film
Hanson, Eric 540-261-8586 Division of Arts
Hanson, Stacey 540-261-8452 Finance and Accounting
Hardy, Kenneth 540-261-4911 Public Safety and Security
Hardy, Stephanie 540-261-4090 Library & Learning Resources
Harmon, Michael 540-261-8520 Athletics
Harris, April 540-261-8476 Student Life
Henson, Alice Physical Facilities
Hiatt, Ashley 540-261-8414 Admissions
Hiatt, Kenson 540-261-8483 Student Professional Development
Hickman, Vickie 540-261-8537 Teaching Licensure
Himes, Doug 540-261-8578 Division of Arts
Himes, Tina 540-261-8445 Institutional Advancement
Hirt, Samuel 540-261-8550
Hofmann, Patrick 540-261-8499 Athletics
Huch, Robert 540-261-4098 Administration and Finance
Hufford, Karen 540-261-8560 Division of Humanities
John, Jeremiah 540-261-8540 Division of Social Sciences
Johnson, Alec 540-261-8433 Communications and Marketing
Johnson, Roger 540-261-8587 Division of Mathematics and Science
Jolley, Charles 540-261-8449 Institutional Advancement
Jones, Jan-Erik 540-261-8561 Division of Humanities
Jones, Kristen 540-264-0022 Institute of Religion
Kazimer, Ashley 540-261-8419 Admissions
Kearney, Kimberly 540-261-8542 Division of Social Sciences
Knight, Lora 540-261-8544 Division of Humanities
Knudson, Timothy 540-261-8591 Division of Mathematics and Science
Konstantinova, Iana 540-261-8562 Division of Humanities
Kraut, Gertrud 540-261-8594 Division of Mathematics and Science
Lamb, Jason 540-261-8525 Athletics
Lambert, James 540-261-8571 English
Lanier, Ginger 540-261-8469 Student Health Office
Larsen, Whitney 540-261-8530 Registrar
Lavigne, Donald Physical Facilities
Lawhorne, Craig 540-261-8535 Office of the Provost
Lee, Jared 540-261-8596 Biology
Lewis, Dallin 540-621-8564 Humanities
Lowe, Jr., William 540-261-8595 Division of Mathematics and Science
Lund, Craig 540-261-8418 Admissions
MacDonnell, Francis 540-261-8538 Division of Humanities
Macfarlane, Larissa 540-261-8483 Family and Child Development
Mahaffey, Chad 540-261-8498 Athletics
Mann, Logan 540-261-8514 Athletics
Martin, Tabitha 540-261-8408 Registrar
Matheson, Mark 540-261-8551 Division of Social Sciences
May, Clint 540-261-2013 Athletics
Milberger, Mark 540-261-8584 Division of Arts
Mosser, Virginia 540-261-8545 Division of Humanities
Mulitalo, Edwin 540-261-8499 Athletics
Mutispaugh, Alice 540-261-8491 Food Services
Orton, Doug Division of Social Sciences
Patiño, Josh 540-261-8517 Athletics
Pendleton, Chris 540-261-8441 Communications & Marketing
Pendleton, Neely 540-261-8417
Peterson, Sheryl 540-261-8444 Institutional Advancement
Peterson, Tom 540-264-2060 Athletics
Porter, Byron 540-261-4930 Physical Facilities
Porter, Nick 540-261-8439 Communications and Marketing
Porter, T.R. 540-261-8563 Division of Humanities
Power-Mulligan, Eithne 540-463-2851
Preysz III, Louis 540-261-8549 Division of Social Sciences
Ramsey, E. Gay 540-261-4926 Physical Facilities
Ramsey, Larry Physical Facilities
Reese, Craig 540-261-8423 Admissions
Reesor, Keenan 541-261-8575 Music
Rigell, Mike 540-261-8499 Athletics
Riley, Zebulen (Zeb) Division of Social Sciences
Roberts, Heather 540-261-8519 Athletics
Rodriguez, Ariel 540-261-8546 Division of Social Sciences
Roskelley, Amy Communications and Marketing
Ryan, Chas 540-261-8499 Athletics
Sargent, John 540-261-4931 Physical Facilities
Seamons, Ron 540-261-4093 Institutional Advancement
Seegmiller, Jesse 540-261-8454 Business Office
Silverman, William Division of Humanities
Sisk, Delphyne 540-261-8491 Food Services
Smit, Darlynn 540-261-8486 Operations
Smith, Jacob 540-430-2406 Public Safety and Security
Smock, Carlyne 540-261-8491 Food Services
Snelson, Thomas 540-261-8515 Athletics
Sowell, Debra 540-261-8565 Division of Humanities
Sowell, Madison 540-261-8535 Provost
Stinnett, Debra 540-261-8430 Admissions
Stoddard, Robert 540-261-8579 Division of Arts
Stokes, Shoushig
Stone, Harry 540-261-8599 Division of Mathematics and Science
Stowbridge, Brandon 540-261-8491 Food Services
Taylor, Mark 540-261-8580 Division of Arts
Tobias, Paul 540-261-8496 Athletics
van Kuiken, Barbara 540-261-8597 Division of Mathematics and Science
Wager, Susan 540-261-8508 Athletics
Waite, Neil 540-261-8550 Division of Mathematics and Science
Walker, Karen 540-261-8547 Division of Social Sciences
Wallace, Effie 540-261-8492 Food Services
Wallin, Jon 540-264-2065 Office of the Provost
Wallin, Katherine 540-261-8447 Public Relations
Wallin, Richard 540-261-8592 Division of Mathematics and Science
Ware, Joshua 540-261-1181 Bookstore
Webber, Nancy 434-989-5959 Athletics
Wheeler, Leroy 540-261-8495 Athletics
Whetstone, Joseph 540-261-8487 Operations
White, William 540-261-8478 Information Technology Support
Whitehead, Alan 540-261-8421 Psychology
Whitehead, Richard 540-261-4095 Institutional Advancement
Whitehurst, R. Alan 540-261-8598 Division of Mathematics and Science
Widzisz, Marcel
Wilcox, Dallin Communications and Marketing
Wilcox, McCall 540-264-2007 Alumni Relations
Wilcox, Rachel 540-261-8573 Office of the Provost
Wilcox, Reed 540-261-4100 President's Office
Winnie, Wyatt 540-261-4088 Library and Learning Resources
Winslow, Greg 540-261-8474 Athletics
Winsor, Dakoda 540-261-8495 Athletics
Winteron, Scott 540-261-8524 Athletics