Tuition & Payments

Tuition & Costs Summary

Costs will vary depending on housing and dining plan choices. See the costs breakdown below for more details.

per semester
Full-time Tuition $8,247.50
Freshman Housing $1,848
Meal Plan $1,535
Total $11,630.50

Example Financial Plan

This only represents a typical financial plan. Ask your admissions director about financial aid opportunities.

per semester
Southern Virginia Scholarships $2,500
Government Grants $2,500
Private Scholarships $2,500
Savings or Employment $2,500
Subsidized Loans $1,630.50
Total $11,630.50

Paying for College

Invest in You

Affording college can seem daunting, but a great education is an invaluable investment that will enrich your life. Our graduates know how to think creatively and communicate clearly, driving our high career-placement rates.

Earn Scholarships

No Southern Virginia student pays the full tuition amount. We offer generous academic and need-based scholarships. Your admissions director can also help you apply for other privately offered scholarships and government grants.

Graduate Earlier

Our curriculum is structured so that our students graduate and find full-time employment in under four years on average compared to the national average of six years. This can add up to tremendous savings over time (see the graph below).

Costs Breakdown


Full-time $8,247.50 per semester
Part-time $737 per credit
Summer Term $333 per credit


On-campus rent includes utilities, internet and furnished rooms.

per month
The Lofts (4 per room) $425
Robey Hall / Craton Hall $462
Carriage Mods $477
The Lofts (3 per room) / Carriage Townhomes $499
Library Mods $521
Walnut Avenue Apartments $564
Summer Housing $275

Housing Discounts

To encourage upperclassmen to live on campus, student housing is discounted based on class standing:

Seniors $100
Juniors $75
Sophomores $50

Dining Plans

Residents in dormitory-style housing are required to sign up for at least 14 Meals per Week.
Prices for all dining plans are discounted for juniors and seniors.

per semester
All-Access Meal Plan $1,795
Junior/Senior price
14 Meals per Week Plan $1,535
Junior/Senior price
7 Meals per Week Plan $825
Junior/Senior price

Payment Plans

After completing your financial aid, you will be notified of the remaining balance on your student account. If your financial aid package does not cover your total expenses, you can settle the remaining balance in one of three ways:

Pay in Full

If you can pay the remaining cost up front, the simplest way to settle your balance is with a one-time payment via our secure online portal.

Pay Online

Pay by Month

If you would prefer to spread your payments throughout the semester, call us to set up a monthly interest-free payment plan.

Call 540-261-8405

Readjust Financial Aid

If you need assistance paying your balance, call us and we’ll help you find more financial aid or increase your student loan amounts.

Call 540-261-8405


Paying for college can be complicated. That’s why our financial aid specialists are here to help you every step of the way. If you have questions or concerns, please contact Student Financial Services at or 540-261-8405. You can also read the Financial Policies for more information.