Students who live on-campus earn higher grades, make more friends, and are more connected to campus life.

Living on campus improves the entire college experience for our students. In addition to the benefits of regular activities and proximity to campus facilities, all university housing includes lightning-fast internet, 24-hour security, prompt maintenance, on-site property management, and dorm-loop shuttle service. Explore the benefits of our campus housing options below.

If you have any questions, contact the Housing Office at 540-261-8458 or housing@svu.edu.

Married Housing

Our married student campus housing options are currently limited to the Gayle Smith Apartments. Inquire about availability and prices by contacting the apartment managers at gaylesmithapartments@svu.edu.

Off-Campus Housing

All single students are encouraged to live on-campus, but married students and those who qualify according to the Off-Campus Living Policies can also live off-campus.
Learn more about rental options in the area