You are one of a kind.
You have values, talents, and goals.
Southern Virginia University is tailored to you.

Live Your Faith

College is more fun when you enjoy it with friends who share your values. At Southern Virginia University, more than 9-in-10 of our students are Latter-day Saints and more than 1-in-3 are returned missionaries. We are also home to the largest Institute of Religion on the East Coast and the first Young Single Adult Stake outside of Utah and Idaho. Get ready to make 1,000 new friends.

Reach New Heights

Southern Virginia University is not for spectators, it’s for doers. In fact, 9-in-10 students pursue their interests through extracurriculars—that’s 15-times the national average. We are also pioneering customizable professional concentrations that allow students to tailor academic courses to their professional pursuits. Don’t give up the things you love; design your college experience instead.

Launch Your Career

Southern Virginia boasts the highest career placement rate of any Virginia school. Last year, 93% of our graduates either had a job or were accepted into the graduate program of their choice within a month of graduation. How? We couple state-of-the-art personal learning assessment technology with small classes and caring professors to ensure you get the most out of your education.

Simply put, Southern Virginia provides more personalized attention than any other school.

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