Travel Guidelines

At Southern Virginia University, we believe in teaching correct principles and trusting people to govern themselves. In that same spirit, and in response to your questions, we have created the following travel guidelines to help you make safe and smart decisions:

  • Travel only when absolutely necessary
  • Stay within 75 miles of campus (best practice)
  • Avoid large or densely populated metro areas
  • Be mindful of fellow car passengers (close contacts)

With these guidelines in mind, we realize that travel may be necessary for some students during the semester. In cases where travel is necessary, we ask that students follow these additional steps for their safety and the safety of our campus community:

  • When travel is necessary, please pre-register at
  • After registering, the Dean of Students will call to coordinate
  • Report daily during travel via our Health Screening Survey
  • Students may be asked to quarantine upon their return to campus (depending on circumstances and activities)

Again, we trust you to be responsible and to help protect yourselves as well as your roommates, professors, coaches and campus community.

These guidelines are in place to help you make safe and smart decisions so we can continue to make our University a safe harbor and shelter from the storm!