Faculty & Staff

Consistent with our Fall 2021 Healthy Campus Plan, all University employees—full and part-time—are required to declare their vaccination status by Monday, August 23, via the COVID Resource Center’s Vaccination Status Submission Form.

Any University employees who do not declare their vaccination status with the CRC will be considered non-vaccinated.Non-vaccinated employees will be required to mask indoors while on campus and to test twice weekly for COVID-19, beginning Monday, August 23. Please carefully review the below information regarding testing of non-vaccinated employees.

Testing Requirements for Non-vaccinated Employees

Non-vaccinated employees are required to test twice weekly on non-consecutive days. COVID-19 testing will be made available by the CRC beginning Monday, August 23. Hours and location of testing will be announced soon.

  • Failure to Meet Testing Requirements
    Employees—including student employees—who do not complete the testing requirements in a given week may not return to work in-person without a subsequent negative test.
  • Prior Notice for Missed Testing Dates
    Employees who know they will not be able to complete the testing requirements for a given period, such as employees who need to travel, should coordinate with Human Resources prior to missing testing dates by emailing hr@svu.edu.
  • Positive Test Result within 90 days
    Employees who present proof of a positive COVID-19 test within the past 90 days may be temporarily exempt from routine testing until the end of the 90-day period.

Increased Testing Requirements for Student-Athletes

Non-vaccinated employees on an athletics team are required to test three times weekly.

Symptomatic Individuals & Reporting

Employees who experience any symptoms of COVID-19 or any other communicable illness, whether vaccinated or not, should not report to work in-person. Employees who experience any COVID-19 related symptoms should immediately report those to the CRC at wellness@svu.edu or 540-261-8414 and coordinate with both their supervisors and Human Resources regarding a personalized return-to-work plan.