Core of Campus Upgrade

Introducing Phase 1 of our Core of Campus Upgrade

Help renew and upgrade our
beloved Main Hall

We’re converting large office spaces into technology-rich classrooms and beautifying interior spaces.

Make 3X the impact this year thanks to a generous matching pledge—you can turn $1000 into $3000. There’s never been a better time to support Southern Virginia University!

Give to Main Hall

The Initiative

As one of the fastest-growing schools in the country, we’re quickly running out of space!

Over the years Main Hall has served students in various ways: as meeting and learning places, dorm rooms, and most recently as offices for faculty and staff. Now, as we continue to grow, we are resourcefully converting large office spaces in this iconic building into technology-rich classrooms.

We’ve already begun to convert some of the spaces.

Main Hall stands as an icon to those both new and familiar with Southern Virginia University and it is loved by all. Help us beautify and upgrade the space to bless students for years to come.


Main Hall Lobby Undergoes Revitalization Thanks to Generous Donations Made During Recent Core of Campus Upgrade Campaign

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