Awards & Recognitions

To be announced May 2024

Academic Honors

Latin Honors
Latin honors are noted on the transcripts of students who have completed all requirements for graduation, earned at least sixty credit hours at Southern Virginia, and achieved the following cumulative grade-point averages:

3.95–4.00, summa cum laude (“with highest praise”)
3.85–3.949, magna cum laude (“with great praise”)
3.70–3.849, cum laude (“with praise”)

Valedictorians (gold cord)
Cumulative grade-point average 4.0

Cumulative grade-point average 4.0 (gold cord)

President’s List for Two or More Semesters
Semester grade-point average in the top ten percent of current students

Provost’s List for Four or More Semesters
Semester grade-point average at or above 3.5

Barrus Scholars (green chord)
Excellence in the Liberal Arts

Marriott Scholars (maroon cord)
Excellence in Scholarship, Leadership, Service & Extracurricular Activity

Chi Epsilon Omega (purple & gold cord)
Business Honor Society

Omnicron Delta Kappa (white, Black & Light Blue Cord) National Leadership Society in Psychology

Psi Chi (Navy & Silver Cord) International Honor Society

Phi Alpha Theta (red & light blue cord)
History Honor Society

Phi Kappa Phi (blue & gold medallion)
All-Discipline Honor Society

Phi Sigma Tau (white & purple cords)
Philosophy Honor Society

Sigma Delta Pi (red & gold cord)
Spanish Honor Society

Graduation Distinctions

Leader-Servant Graduation Distinction (crimson & gold medallion)
Completed 100 hours of community service, including a capstone project

Institute Graduates (white cord)
Church Educational System