Chemistry Minor

Chemistry is often called the central science since it is the underlying basis for understanding medicine, biology, pharmacology, nutrition, engineering, environmental science, and many other disciplines. An understanding of chemistry is also important for understanding many policy issues and topics in the news relating to health, energy, and technology. The chemistry minor at Southern Virginia provides an excellent foundation for students preparing for careers in medicine, dentistry, research, pharmacy, and related areas of study.

Program coordinator: Dr. Roger Johnson

Minor Requirements (22 credit hours)

Minor Core: 16 credit hours:

  • CHE 201 General Chemistry I (GE) (4)
  • CHE 202 General Chemistry II (GE) (4)
  • CHE 301 Organic Chemistry I (4)
  • CHE 302 Organic Chemistry II (4)

Minor Electives: at least 6 credit hours from among these courses:

  • CHE 375R Topics in Chemistry (Var.) as approved by program coordinator
  • CHE 383 Biochemistry (3)
  • CHE 481 Bio-Organic and Medicinal Chemistry (3)

Download the Chemistry Minor Checklist