Athletic Training Minor

By combining classroom learning with clinical experiences, the athletic training minor will prepare students for admission into an accredited entry-level master’s program in athletic training or entry-level employment in the healthcare field. In conjunction with a liberal arts or biology major, the athletic training minor will help students to develop the critical thinking skills necessary to evaluate and treat athletic injuries.

Program coordinator: Chad Mahaffey

Minor Requirements (27 credit hours)


  • PER 275R Introduction to Athletic Training (3)
  • BIO 201 General Biology I (4)
  • BIO 331 Human Anatomy and Physiology (4)

Prior to applying for the Athletic Training Minor, students will be required to complete the prerequisites with a minimum 3.0 GPA or receive special appointment by the program committee.

Download the Athletic Training Minor Application

Requirements after Admittance (16):

  • Clinical Assignment Semester 1 (.5)
  • Clinical Assignment Semester 2 (.5)
  • Clinical Assignment Semester 3 (.5)
  • Clinical Assignment Semester 4 (.5)
  • Clinical Assignment Semester 5 (.5)
  • Clinical Assignment Semester 6 (.5)
  • PER 375R Advanced Athletic Training (3)
  • PER 143 Health & Wellness (2)
  • PER 375R2 Modalities and Rehabilitation (2)
  • PER 363 Kinesiology (3)
  • PER 375R3 Exercise Physiology (3)

Download the Athletic Training Minor Checklist