Standards of Conduct

Based on the principles and values of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, our Standards of Conduct consist of the Code of Honor and Dress and Grooming Standards. Southern Virginia students are responsible for familiarizing themselves with and abiding by the Standards of Conduct.

Code of Honor

We live honest, chaste, and virtuous lives; abide by the law, and show respect for ourselves and others. Our conduct is consistent with the standards of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Students commit to keep the Code of Honor and live by its guidelines for the duration of their enrollment at Southern Virginia University.


  • We do not lie, cheat, plagiarize, or steal.
  • We complete our own work and are evaluated based upon that work.
  • We encourage others to do the same.

Chastity & Virtue

  • As unmarried students we practice sexual abstinence.
  • As married students we practice complete fidelity.
  • We avoid pornography, media, and entertainment that advocates immorality, profanity, and violence.
  • In personal relationships we refrain from excessive public displays of affection.

Obedience to the Law

  • We abide by local, state, and federal laws and university policies.
  • We pay our debts on time.
  • We honor our contracts, and are good neighbors.


  • We treat ourselves with respect.
  • We abstain from alcohol, tobacco, and other harmful substances.
  • We do not use illegal or other harmful drugs, nor do we abuse medications.

Respect for Others

  • We show respect for other people, the university and facilities.
  • We refrain from behavior and activities that disrupt the safety or peace of others or jeopardize the harmony of the university community.

Dress & Grooming Standards

Our dress and grooming should be clean, modest, respectful, and appropriate for the occasion.

Honor Pledge

I accept the trust placed in me to carry on Southern Virginia University’s heritage of honor in my efforts to become a leader-servant. I pledge to abide by the Standards of Conduct in all of my activities.