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Student Artwork to Premiere at London Exhibit

· April 2, 2020

Buena Vista, Va.—Senior art major Ryan Dubinsky’s art piece, “Echo,” was selected to premiere at an international art exhibition in London, England, “The Extended Body - Mixing Cultures,” from March 19- April 17, 2020.

Northpoint CEO on Real-life Stories and Powerful Goals

· March 6, 2020

Buena Vista, Va.—John Plocher, Chairman and CEO of Northpoint Asset Management Inc., shared stories from his life with students, faculty and professional staff to teach three powerful goals: to be fearless, to let go, and define yourself by your internal accomplishments.

Former Olympian Richard George on Personal Integrity and Faith

· February 28, 2020

Buena Vista, Va.— Southern Virginia University Senior Advisor Richard George spoke to students, faculty and professional staff at a University-wide forum about the value of personal integrity and the relationship between honesty and faith.

Healthy Habits and the BrightKnight Initiative

and · February 21, 2020

Buena Vista, Va.—Suzanne Garcia, Director of Health and Fitness at Southern Virginia University, taught students how to develop healthy habits and introduced a new “BrightKnight” initiative to help inform healthy choices.