Provisional Acceptance

Students who are admitted to Southern Virginia University on either “academic provisional status” or enrolled students on academic probation are required to successfully complete and meet the minimum requirements of the Academic Success Seminar (SKL 175R, 2 credit hour).

In addition, provisionally accepted students are required to enroll and attend Early Start during the university’s August term. This program is designed to focus on individual students and their needs before beginning a full semester at Southern Virginia. Please feel free to reach out to your Admissions Advisor with any questions you may have.

Academic Success Seminar (SKL 175R)

The purpose of this course is to teach and reinforce effective time management, study and learning skills in a positive yet accountable setting.

Each student in the course signs a contract committing to the following:

  • Attending 100 percent of the weekly SKL 175R class sessions.
  • Purchasing an SKL 175R academic planner (available at the university bookstore) prior to the first class session.
  • Meeting every four weeks with each of their professors to have them fill out an academic progress report.

Fulfilling these contractual commitments is necessary to remaining enrolled at Southern Virginia University. Failure to fulfill the terms of the contract may result in dismissal.

Skills Acquired in SKL 175R

  • Time management
  • Strategic learning
  • Successful habits for the classroom
  • Cornell note taking
  • Quantum memory development
  • Note taking for research papers
  • Preparing outlines for research papers
  • Studying for exams
  • Taking exams
  • Improving reading
  • Reducing distress
  • Mastering self-management
  • Developing creator language
  • Final exam preparation strategies

At the end of the semester, a committee meets to determine if the student has earned the status of a student in good standing. The committee considers such factors as diligence in fulfilling the requirements of the Academic Success Seminar contract and the student’s grade point average.

For further information regarding the Academic Success Seminar, contact Professor Karen Walker.