Spanish: Major & Minor


Besides fluency in speaking and writing, the Spanish major at Southern Virginia University explores the language, literature and culture of the Spanish-speaking world in an intimate educational setting that enhances language and cultural mastery by the small class sizes that allow professors to specifically address each individual student’s particular educational needs and interests.

Students also have opportunities each year to visit Spanish speaking countries to immerse themselves in the language and the culture through Southern Virginia’s Travel Study program, including service and medical missions.

Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world, and is the official language of more countries than any other language except English. And it is only growing in its importance on the national and world stage.

Majoring in Spanish is a gateway to interests in a broad range of disciplines including anthropology, international studies, history, Latin American and Iberian studies, comparative literature, economics, environmental studies, humanities, and political science, education, politics, foreign service, the helping professions, travel and tourism, communication, among many.

Students majoring in these or other areas, as well as those considering a career in medicine or law, are encouraged to consider Spanish as one of two majors.

Spain has a rich heritage dating from pre-Roman times to the present. It includes the drama of conquest and re-conquest; the resulting mixture of Visigoth, Roman, Arab and other cultures; and the adaptation of the Spanish people to the diverse landscape of the Iberian Peninsula.

The recorded history of Latin America, by contrast, is relatively short. Latin America nonetheless offers a panorama of geographical regions, each with its own history and culture—from the Gauchos of Argentina to the ancient Incas of the Andes, from the conquest of the Aztecs by the Conquistadors to the African influence on Caribbean culture.

Understanding these cultures better prepares one to be a citizen of the world. In addition, the study of the Spanish language and its development expands students’ understanding of how languages work, including English. This study helps one think logically and express oneself with more imagination.

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Faculty Contacts:

  • T.R. Porter, Ph.D. – Program Coordinator
  • Iana Konstantinova, Ph.D.
  • Arlene Fuentes, M.A.



Adam Whipple ’11
“With Dr. Konstantinova, you do a lot of intensive writing… Because of the training in writing I had with her I was prepared for all the writing that grad school requires. I felt very comfortable tackling a thesis.”
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