Pre-Health Professional: Advisement Track

Students in the Pre-Health Professional track at Southern Virginia University receive the top-tier education and hands-on experience they need to enter and succeed at medical or dental schools.

About the Pre-Health Professional Track

Our pre-health professional track provides students with real world opportunities and experience to be competent and competitive, and many students serve in the local community and throughout the world. Our medical mission trips have included Ecuador, Ghana, Costa Rica, and the Dominican Republic. Students also regularly volunteer at nearby RAM clinics and in the local community, which is invaluable preparation for graduate school and careers.

One-on-One Attention

In our small classes, each student receives individual attention and instruction to become effective communicators, analytical thinkers, and persuasive writers, and can tailor their education to meet their specific professional goals. Students will graduate having fulfilled the minimum requirements for their field and any additional requirements for their specific medical or dental schools.

MCAT Preparation

Southern Virginia provides an MCAT preparation program that students undertake during their junior year. Faculty present reviews covering physics, biology, general and organic chemistry, and verbal reasoning. Students can also take advantage of Kaplan MCAT preparation courses hosted at nearby Washington & Lee University. Southern Virginia also offers training on campus to become certified nationally as an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT).

Getting Started in the Pre-Health Professional Track

  1. Contact Your Advisor

    Get in touch with Professor Barbara van Kuiken to discuss your interests and goals

  2. Enroll

    Begin the pre-health professional track in your sophomore year

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