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Historically, the liberal arts were considered the branches of study fit for free men (liber is Latin for “free”). They were contrasted with skills needed for more mechanical trades and professions. Today, as liberal arts majors at Southern Virginia, students read, study and investigate the main issues in a range of liberal arts disciplines (such as history, literature, art, philosophy and the sciences) and thereby become well practiced in critical thinking and reasoning and in aesthetic judgment. They also gain an appreciation for the historical and cultural contexts that frame our contemporary world and its problems—a valuable perspective for all leader-servants in our day.

One of the great advantages of a liberal arts major is its versatility. Students may mold their programs of study to include specific areas of interest within the context of the major requirements (a current major has successfully combined minors in government, chemistry and math). When suitably completed or supplemented with minor areas of emphasis, the liberal arts major is excellent preparation for a career or graduate program in law, business, medicine, education, public service, the arts and other fields.

The value of an education in a liberal arts college is not the learning of many facts but the training of the mind to think something that cannot be learned from textbooks.Albert Einstein

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Faculty Contacts:

  • Scott Dransfield, Ph.D. – Program Coordinator



Don Harsh ’16
“I’m excited to do something that I’m passionate about. It truly is an awesome opportunity. Getting this internship is really the success of [Southern Virginia] and its professors. A lot of doors have been opened for me here.”
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