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Computer science is the development and testing of software and software systems, working with mathematical models, data analysis and security, algorithms, and computational theory.

About the Computer Science Major

A rapidly growing field, computer science majors have ample opportunities to apply their skills in virtually any industry. A program that pairs well with additional minors and concentrations, computer science majors at Southern Virginia University have a history of high placement in their preferred employment and higher paying starting positions than the industry standard.

Students studying computer science develop proficiency in Python and Java Script, two of the most in-demand programming languages, work closely with professors and classmates on projects for practical experience, and develop a solid foundation in theory, practical application, communication, programming, and collaboration.

Learning Outcomes

  • Ability to formulate and express software solutions to complex problems in programming languages, including the selection of appropriate data structures, efficient algorithm design, and development of system architectures.
  • Ability to apply mathematical tools such as mathematical logic, algorithmic analysis, models of computation, and computability theory to problem analysis.
  • Ability to follow a structured engineering process in the development of software, including analyzing a problem, planning the development process, designing a solution, implementing the solution, and validating the final product.
  • Skilled in communicating both orally and in writing.

Getting Started in the Computer Science Major

  1. Enroll

    Begin by taking Programming Fundamentals (CSC 120) in your first year

  2. Contact Your Advisor

    Get in touch with Professor Michael Griffiths to discuss your interests and goals

  3. Declare

    Turn in a completed Declare Major form to the Registrar’s Office


  • Web Developer
  • Computer Programmer
  • Software Engineer
  • Data Scientist
  • Security Engineer
  • Clinical Systems Analyst

Alumni Success

Andrew King (’16)

Master’s Degree in AI, emphasis in neural networks at the University of Georgia

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Faculty Contacts:

  • Michael Griffiths, Ph.D. – Program Coordinator
  • Roger Johnson, Ph.D.
  • Kyle Wheeler, Instructor

  • “The purpose of computer science and programming is problem solving. We teach how to analyze problems, and then our students and professors collaborate with each other to come up with a solution and create that solution through software. Just about every job will include some form of a computer, and the skills learned in computer science translate well into any discipline.”

    – Professor Kenny Jacobson