Computer Science: Major & Minor


Your job outlook has never been brighter. Of all of the projected-highest-growth jobs through 2016, computer science jobs are among the highest paid and most satisfying. Business and society is now so dependent upon information technology that computer science majors have ample opportunities to apply their skills in virtually any industry—from banking to biochemistry, from education to entertainment.

Employers are looking for what Southern Virginia graduates have to offer. In today’s market computer scientists are often members of interdisciplinary teams and must be able to communicate effectively with both technical and non-technical colleagues, as well as with customers and the public. So employers are looking for more. They want employees who not only have technical skills and know-how, but also have communication, social, and reasoning skills that help them thrive in the competitive job market.

“Southern Virginia students are challenged to think and communicate clearly in small classroom settings that feel more like discussions than lectures. Because of this education, students of Southern Virginia’s computer science department graduate competent in a breadth of technical subjects coupled with the unique skill of communicating technical subjects concisely. It is this combination that prepared me to be successful in the workforce.”Jon Henderson, ’09

What a computer science degree from Southern Virginia University offers you:

  • A history of 100% placement in preferred employment (graduate school, military, and industry).
  • A history of higher paying starting positions than the industry standard (up to $70,000 and more).
  • A solid foundation in theory and practical application, coupled with classes that develop skills in communication and collaboration.
  • Graduation in less than four years, and as little as three, is not uncommon.