LaunchPad Initiative

LaunchPad Initiative

Gather. Lift. Launch.

These words are the driving force behind everything we do at Southern Virginia University. Our purpose is to gather Latter-day Saints, lift them to heights they never imagined, and launch them into meaningful lives and careers.

We constantly strive to equip our students with the tools they need for academic and career success. That’s why this year, we will place an Apple iPad Pro, Smart Keyboard, and Apple Pencil in the hands of every student and every faculty member at Southern Virginia.

Launching Fall 2017.

The Plan

The University will supply a new state-of-the-art 10.5” iPad Pro to every student, faculty and senior staff professional. This is the highest performance tablet ever made, launched at the Apple global conference in June. Each iPad Pro will also have an advanced auto-docking Smart Keyboard cover and a digital Apple Pencil for highly precise writing and drawing. The University will own these devices, but they will be available to students for academic or personal use. Every full-time student who graduates from Southern Virginia will own their devices once they complete their degree.

In addition, our classrooms will have new 55”, 65” and 75” high-definition monitors and self-contained Apple TV systems for live interactive teaching and learning. The entire campus also will receive major upgrades to the WiFi network for faster and more reliable Internet.

The Purpose

Our educational model has never been top-down. Teaching and learning take place through collaboration, discussion, and participation, with both faculty and students favoring a “guide-on-the-side” more than the traditional “sage-on-the-stage” approach. Adding iPad Pros and other technology to the classroom will complement and enhance the student-centered approach to teaching and learning already in place campus-wide.

This fall, some faculty members will already be introducing new, content-rich, interactive class materials such as self-published Smartbooks, as we move toward full LaunchPad integration by Spring 2018. Over the next few years, we expect the LaunchPad Initiative to enhance many areas of campus and improve student learning outcomes, all while driving down the cost of expensive textbooks.

Are you ready to Launch?

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