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  • July 22-27, 2019


  • 15 and up


  • $350
  • Included in the price of the camp is food, lodging, and camp activities.
  • Grant in aid available upon recommendation from bishop

Program Director

  • Quinn Skouson
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The Lord is hastening his work. To help answer His call, we’ve created Zion’s Camp — a six-day missionary preparation experience that helps young Latter-day Saints learn to share the Gospel and prepare for full-time missionary service.


To provide a safe haven where young Latter-day Saints can strengthen their testimonies of the Savior Jesus Christ and His restored Gospel while preparing mentally, physically, and spiritually for the rigors of full-time missionary service.


Participants become completely immersed in the Gospel as they live like missionaries, connect with fellow future missionaries, and learn from Returned Missionary Counselors. Leaving behind worldly distractions, young Latter-day Saints who attend Zion’s Camp draw close to the Spirit and discover within themselves a deep desire to serve the Lord and His Church.


Hosted on Southern Virginia University’s beautiful campus located in the majestic Shenandoah Valley of historic Virginia, Zion’s Camp is ideally situated to provide an uplifiting environment where youth can feel God’s love and experience the natural wonder of His creations.


Zion’s Camp is a non-profit program subsidized by donations from faithful Latter-day Saints.


Zion’s Camp refers to an expedition of early Church members, led by the Prophet Joseph Smith, who marched nearly 1,000 miles from Ohio to Missouri to help relieve the suffering of persecuted Saints.

Zion’s Camp proved to be a critical time for learning and preparation in the early days of the Church. Indeed, most of the early Church leaders participated in Zion’s Camp including nine members of the first Quorum of the Twelve and the entire first Quorum of Seventy.

The experiences had by many during Zion’s Camp proved invaluable in the strengthening of their faith in the Lord and the increasing of their commitment to His work.

Today we use the name Zion’s Camp to signal our commitment to helping young men and women answer a prophet’s call to “hasten the work” and prepare earlier and more earnestly than ever before for honorable, full-time missionary service.

Camp Life

Zion’s Camp is an amazing opportunity to learn what daily missionary life is really like.

What to expect at camp

Experience the fun, joy, and intensity of the hastening of the work from the moment you arrive.

At Zion’s Camp you will have so many opportunities to experience both the joys and demanding endeavors that are a fundamental part of missionary work. You will have the opportunity to dress like and live a daily routine similar to that of full-time missionaries. A few things you can expect at camp:

  • Study, prepare, and teach gospel principles every day of camp
  • Spend the week with an assigned future-missionary companion
  • Learn from an honorable and loving Return Missionary Counselor
  • Make amazing friendships in a zone made up of 6-10 fellow future missionaries
  • Attend daily mission conferences and learn from current and former church leaders
  • Receive instruction from former mission and temple presidents
  • Develop basic cooking skills by preparing zone meals each day
  • Participate in outdoor activities such as hikes, service projects, sports, and recreation
  • Practice using social media platforms to share the gospel
  • Accept the challenge every day to leave your comfort zone and practice teaching the gospel in a loving and safe environment


The opportunity to begin learning and growing at Zion’s Camp begins right away. A typical day includes personal and companion study, instruction from Returned Missionary Counselors, mission conferences with current and former Church leaders, and many opportunities to practice teaching the Gospel. Zion’s Camp also features a three-mile hike and a service project. See the typical daily schedule.


We are excited to extend the opportunity to join us at Zion’s Camp. This is a wonderful new journey in preparing to serve our Savior. In so doing, we strongly encourage you to bring what is on the packing list to have the best chance for comfort and success.


Please feel free to contact us at 540-264-2033 or