Costa Rica

Travel to Santo Domingo and explore its vibrant culture and exotic sites while immersing yourself in the Spanish language.


Costa Rica is the perfect setting for language instruction and cultural immersion. With its park, beautiful churches and quiet streets, Santo Domingo is a lovely little town where students will come to appreciate Costa Rican culture and learn Spanish in a magnificent natural setting.

At a Glance

Dates: May 2017
Areas of Study: Spanish
Courses: SPN 201; SPN 375R
Approximate Cost: $3,300
Program Director: Arlene Fuentes
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Lodging & Food

Students will be in family-stays, which include breakfast, lunch, and dinner Monday through Sunday. All of our host families are middle-class and live in safe and pleasant homes and areas.

Most family-stays include a shared room and shared bath. Many of the families have been hosting international travelers for years.

Travel Arrangements

Students will fly coach round-trip from Washington, D.C. Transportation while in Costa Rica will be handled by Don Quijote.


Program Fees

Program fees include all transportation (including airfare), lodging, international health insurance and all entrance fees for planned excursions. Students will be responsible for most meals, any additional personal expenses (souvenirs, snacks, etc.) as well as any passports or visas required for travel.

Tuition is not included and must be paid in addition to program fees. Remember, students with 56 credit hours at Southern Virginia are eligible for a $400 voucher that can be applied towards the cost of the program! This trip is also eligible for the new Provost Travel Study Scholarship. Applications are due March 1 and awarded before the end of the semester.

Prices are tentative and will stay within ten percent of the listed cost for those students who have payed their deposit and made financial arrangements with Student Financial Services by December 1st. If not paid by that date or if not registered by that date, there will be a ten percent premium added to make up for the cost of airfare. Visit the travel study financial page for more information on financing a Travel Study experience.

Sample Itinerary

Spanish classes at Don Quijote. Tour of the city of Santo Domingo. Cooking class in the evening. Enjoy the culture of Costa Rica.

Spanish classes at Don Quijote. Visit a local museum in Santo Domingo. Take a dance class and learn to love the latin moves.

Spanish classes at Don Quijote. Visit a local market for some souvenir shopping. Enjoy a movie at Don Quijote with other students

Spanish classes at Don Quijote. Spend time in the water at Playa Jacó. Take an excursion to a Natural Park and get in touch with the nature of Costa Rica.

Travel Resources


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You can also contact us at 540-261-8533 or