Financing Your Trip

Funding a trip for $400 – $4000 can sound daunting, especially to students who pay thousands every year to attend school. But costs and fees don’t have to keep you from a life-changing travel experience. There are multiple resources for students to finance their Travel Study program. In addition to the financial aid available to students from the federal government and the state, Southern Virginia provides students with opportunities to fund their study abroad experience through the Provost Travel Study Scholarships and its $400 Voucher program. A wide variety of outside scholarships and resources are also available to students to finance their trip: such as grants, awards, crowdfunding, fundraising, campus employment and more!



Southern Virginia University offers a Travel Study Voucher to all students who have completed 56 credit hours at Southern Virginia. The voucher allows students to earn free or discounted travel through Southern Virginia Travel Study. The voucher discounts the cost of any Travel Study program, domestic or foreign, by $400.

Only currently enrolled full-time students who have completed 56 credit hours at Southern Virginia are eligible for the voucher. Students who believe they are eligible for a voucher but have not received one should contact the Registrar’s office for availability. Students may also contact the Travel Study office, check their transcript (through MySVU) for the number of credits they have received, or check their billing statement to confirm whether or not the voucher has already been used.

Provost Travel Study Scholarships

Travel Study is now offering $500 – $1000 scholarships to students who wish to participate in a Summer Travel Study program. Thanks to Southern Virginia donors from around the country, students who have made their $200 deposit on a Summer I or Summer II Travel Study program are eligible to apply for scholarship money to help finance their Travel Study experience by applying online. Apply now for the Provost Travel Study Scholarship. Applications due March 1st.

Grants and Awards from Outside Parties

Students also have opportunities to apply for and receive grants and award money from the government and outside agencies such as College Board, Fastweb, the Institute of International Education, and In these and other databases, Students will find awards specifically geared towards funding study abroad programs and helping students pay for their trip. Apply online and see what you qualify for.


Crowdfunding is the latest trend for raising money to a cause or project online and now students can use it to finance their Travel Study program! On sites such as GoFundMe, FundMyTravel,, GoGetFunding, and Deposit a Gift, students can create a campaign or profile that allows them to share their story with family and friends and receive funds through protected online monetary transactions. Check out these websites for further details and success stories.


Get Creative! Students can create fundraisers of their own to pay for their program. From bake sales, fundraising dinners, and auctions, to concerts, day care, and shaved ice stands, to selling handmade merchandise or original masterpieces on and offline, the options are endless for providing for your program.

Campus Employment

Several job opportunities are available on campus and in the community for students. By working in between classes and saving your income, even if it’s an average of $8 an hour, 10 hours a week, you could finance an entire domestic Travel Study program independently in 6 weeks! Even if you want to travel internationally, summer work or a part-time job for a semester could be all you need for one of our programs. With a savings plan and some work, students can finance and participate in a Travel Study program with or without financial support before they graduate.

Use All Your Options

With these and other methods, you can create your own blend of successful financing for your program. Between scholarships, financial aid, awards, and fundraising, any student at Southern Virginia University can fully fund a Travel Study program. So explore new places, study abroad with the best professors, and learn and serve outside the classroom. It’s all within your reach.


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