Open House

November 4, 2017

Classroom Experience

Prospective students are given the opportunity to sit in on mini-classes in order to experience the top-tier education available at Southern Virginia University. For a list of classes available, contact your admissions director.

Auditions & Athletic Camps

During the Open House, prospective students can meet with coaches or audition for a talent grant in the performing arts while on campus. Admissions director are available to help schedule an individual audition.

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Campus Tours

The university campus is historic and beautiful. As part of the Open House, current students lead tours of campus facilities for prospective students and their parents, offering insights and information about the unique pieces of our past, present, and future.

Travel Reimbursement

To make travel to campus a possibility for prospective students across the country, Southern Virginia University will reimburse some of your travel expenses for attending an Open House. For more details contact your admissions advisor.

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