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Are You a Knight?

Southern Virginia University offers a unique experience in outstanding education that will transform you. As a Southern Virginia Knight, you will be given the training and the trust to stretch to the furthest limits of your potential.

If you rise to the challenge, our combination of rigorous education, full engagement, and LDS values will give you the chance to make the most of your college experience and the rest of your life.

The Motivational Elite

Southern Virginia seeks students who won’t sit on the sidelines. From musical ensembles and theatrical productions to athletics and student government, over 90 percent of our students participate in at least one extracurricular activity, compared to 5 percent nationally. That’s why we call our students the motivational elite.


Top-tier Education
Latter-day Saint Values

Southern Virginia uniquely combines a tradition of excellence in the liberal arts with Latter-day Saint values. With an average class size of 15, professors really get to know their students and personally mentor them in a challenging and uplifting environment.



A high-quality education costs more to provide, but Southern Virginia is determined to make this caliber of education more accessible. Our tuition is about half of the average for other private four-year non-profit schools and we offer generous scholarship packages. Between returned missionary grants, academic scholarships and talent grants, all students receive the financial aid they need to attend.


NCAA Division III Athletics

Southern Virginia students are actively involved in extracurricular activities, especially athletics. Since 1996, the school has established a tradition of athletic achievement, winning nearly 40 small college national championships. We currently field 15 NCAA Division III teams in the Capital Athletic and New Jersey Athletic Conferences and are the only university offering a Division III athletic experience coupled with an LDS environment.


Liberal Arts Plus

A liberal arts education is a centuries-old tradition of education that refers to a multi-disciplinary study of the best sources. In this sense, the term “liberal” refers to the mental and economic liberation that comes from a deep and broad study that teaches students to really think and excel in any field. We build upon this liberal arts foundation with specific career training so that our graduates enter the job market with invaluable skills.