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The Campaign for Southern Virginia University


Make a DifferenceThere is an undeniable spirit on our campus that comes from our commitment to both academic and spiritual excellence. Each year we rely on generous support from people like you to help us provide that spirit.

Donations make it possible for our students to develop the intellectual skills and personal characteristics they need to make a positive difference in the world.

Change a Life

Alison Krebs

Southern Virginia University offers a distinctive combination of faith, service, academics, arts and athletics. What we call the "Genius of Small"—small classes and a small student body—provides opportunities for students to excel in the classroom and participate in a number of extracurricular activities.

Each year donations make it possible for our students to thrive both academically and spiritually.

"I am so grateful to the generous donors who made it possible for me to attend Southern Virginia University...They have changed my life permanently and helped me achieve so much here without ever even meeting me."Alison Krebs, '11

Leave Your Mark

By contributing to the construction of capital projects, you can permanently leave your mark at Southern Virginia University and bless the lives of students and friends of the university for years to come.

The facilities below are some of the most recent additions to the Southern Virginia campus. All three projects were planned, executed and completed through generous donations.

The Lofts
The Fields Jonnzey's
The Lofts: Completed 2008; houses over 200 students and accommodates EFY participants each summer. The Fields: First phase completed 2009; athletic fields for football, soccer and lacrosse. Kimball Student Center: Renovated 2009; includes cafe, bookstore, game room and dance studio.

Benefit from Giving

Benefit from GivingBecause Southern Virginia is a private, non-profit university, all donations are 100-percent tax deductible.

In order to receive a deduction for 2013, donations must be made before December 31, 2013. Confirmation emails for online gifts and formal receipts for all other gifts will be provided for your tax records.

Every penny makes a difference.

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