• June 16-21
  • July 28 – August 2
  • August 4-9

Ages: 16-18

Program Directors: Bruce and Christine Olsen

Cost: $500 camp for $195

Contact Info:

The first session of Zion’s Camp this year was held on June 16-21. At the end of the camp, all of the participants wrote letters to the camp President, Bruce Olsen. The following quotes were taken from all of those letters.

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“This Camp has increased my testimony and my attentiveness to the spirit.”
“Please pray for me as I try to follow Christ’s example.”
“Being here as a soldier in Zion’s Camp, has allowed me to live the life that a missionary might lead.”
“Just these past few days have strengthened my testimony so much.”
“This is one of the best weeks I have had.”
“My expectations were blown away.”
“When we climbed the mountain… and we were given personal time… I asked the question, ‘Should I go on a mission?’ I knew then that I needed to go on a mission.”
“Zion’s Camp [has] filled a spiritual void in my life that I had been yearning to fill.”
“This week has been very inspiring for me… I’ve been able to learn more about how to teach… and I am so grateful for that.”
“I’m going to invite others next year to come because now I know for a fact that the Spirit is now In my life!”
“Truth be told, I did not know when or if I would go on a mission, but because of Zion’s Camp, I again have the desire to go on a mission.”
“I feel that this experience has gotten me more prepared for my mission and will still help me prepare in the future.”
“I can honestly and full-heartedly say that the Holy Spirit [was] stronger than I have felt at any other [time]. “
“The time I have spent here will benefit me throughout the rest of my eternal life, and it will benefit others as I share the remarkable time I have spent here.”
“Before I came to Zion’s Camp, serving a mission had always been a possibility, but I was never sure. Now I can see that serving a mission is one of the best ways to serve the Lord.”
“If a mission is anything like this I’m more than excited to go.”
“I know that this program will make of me a better person and to have the strength to stand for what is right… It was amazing.”
“I have always planned on going on a mission, but never really had the drive to prepare for one. This camp has helped me strive to prepare to go on a mission and learn more about our gospel.”
“I genuinely loved Zion’s Camp.”
“This has been an amazing experience, an experience that I truly needed in my preparations. Being a missionary is hard, but I believe I can do hard things.”
“I must admit I believed that this year would have no chance of being better than last year, but I was absolutely wrong… Because of this camp, I am now filled with a burning desire to serve Christ and bring His children back to Him again.”
“I believe the Atonement to be real, and that [Christ] suffered for our sins so we could have the atonement to live with our Loving Heavenly Father. Thank you for helping me strengthen my testimony.”
“Thank you so much for the Zion’s Camp Program. I have never felt so strong in my life.”
“I love the relationship I’ve developed with our Father in heaven… I will never forget this short experience.”