Dr. Hirt and Dr. Maitland Share Learning Hacks with Students

· February 5, 2019

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Southern Virginia University Concludes Week of Commemoration for Martin Luther King Jr.

· January 26, 2019

Following Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Southern Virginia University held a special forum on Friday to conclude a week-long commemoration of the civil rights leader's life and teachings.

An Interview With Katie Garrish, USBWA DIII National Player of the Week

· January 24, 2019

Katie Garrish is making Southern Virginia University history.

Southern Virginia University Commemorates Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

· January 19, 2019

Following an invitation by Southern Virginia University Provost Jeremiah John, students, faculty and staff at the University will join in commemorating Martin Luther King Jr. Day through reflection on the civil rights leader’s thoughts and teachings.

Fall 2018 President’s and Provost’s Lists

· January 7, 2019

Southern Virginia University recently announced its Fall 2018 President’s and Provost’s Lists. These lists are compiled at the end of each semester and recognize students who have excelled academically.

Elder D. Todd Christofferson to Speak at Southern Virginia University on Jan. 11

· December 17, 2018

Elder D. Todd Christofferson of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints will speak at Southern Virginia University Friday, January 11, 2019, announced University President Reed N. Wilcox.

Alan Whitehead, Doug Cheney and Dallin Lewis Honored as “Professors of the Semester”

· December 1, 2018

Student, faculty and staff gathered in the Knight Arena at Southern Virginia University on Friday to honor and hear from three of the University’s top professors.

The Future is Full of Light: Rosevelt Kpainay’s Story

· November 27, 2018

Half a world away from Southern Virginia University—4,780 miles to be exact—is the small town in West Africa where I was born. When I was a young boy only six years old, a violent civil war engulfed my country of Liberia that left 250,000 people dead. To protect my sister and me, my mother gathered us together and left everything behind. We joined the thousands of refugees fleeing our war-torn country to find a new home. Looking back, it was a miracle that we escaped with our lives.