Safety & Support

University offices and policies work together to provide a safe and wholesome campus and give all students the support they need to flourish.

Health Services

The Health Center is located in the basement of Main Hall. The Health Center offers a variety of services for students, including over the counter medications, first aid supplies, strep tests, urine tests, b/p and weight checks, etc. Students who miss class because of illness and need a sick note for their professor should contact the Health Center on the day of their illness. Students who are sick, or have questions about their health, should feel free to contact the Health Center.


Phone 540-261-8469
Text 540-570-0018

Campus Security

Campus Security is responsible for safety and security on campus. They help ensure that civil laws and university rules are maintained on campus and provide public safety officers to keep University properties safe. They also enforce campus parking rules, lock and unlock campus buildings, clear employees and students to drive university vehicles, and issue keys.

Parking Office Hours: Monday through Friday, 12pm to 2 pm.

If you need to drive a university vehicle please contact the Campus Security Office. Please give at least 4 days advance notice prior to the date you will need the vehicle.

Timely Warnings

In the event that an ongoing or continuing threat arises, a campus wide “timely warning” will be issued through the university email system to students, faculty, and staff. A notice may also be posted on the university website. Anyone with information warranting a timely warning should report the circumstances to Campus security at 540-261-4911.

To receive warnings about emergencies and dangerous situations in the surrounding area, sign up for Alert Rockbridge.


In case of emergency call 911
Police for non-emergencies 540-261-6171
Campus Security (available 24/7) 540-261-4911
Project Horizon
Sexual assualt hotline
Jacob Smith, Director of Campus Security
to report a crime in confidence

Student Support Center

The Student Support Center provides counseling and services for students with mental or emotional struggles to include learning disabilities. We provide a safe atmosphere for students to address their needs in a confidential manner. The center is located in the second floor of Main Hall. For a confidential appointment contact Michael Gibbons at 540-261-8470 or email him at

Online Resources:

Title IX

Southern Virginia University is committed to protecting students in accordance with Title IX.

Learn more about Title IX at Southern Virginia