Our motto, "Learn that life is service," is embodied in the lives of our students.

Service Council

At Southern Virginia, students take the initiative to serve others. The Southern Virginia Service Council organizes and promotes formal service and volunteer opportunities. As a student-run organization, it is chaired by members of the student association and invites members of the student body to apply to sit in on council meetings.

2016-2017 Service Council
Keri Jensen Council Chair & Vice President of Academics and Service
Tara Brown Service Senator
Aurora Pack Council Member
Emilyanne Lohrey Council Member
Gabby Vazquez Council Member
Mary Bradly Council Member
Tara Brown Council Member
Anna Taylor Council Member
Service Council Application

Leader-Servant Graduation Distinction

Because we strive to become like our Savior, Jesus Christ, who lived his life as the master-servant, there is no higher honor than to be distinguished as a leader-servant at Southern Virginia University.

The leader-servant graduation distinction is a 100-hour culmination of students’ efforts throughout their time at Southern Virginia. Seventy-five hours are to be completed and recorded in a service journal before the students begin their capstone project, which involves the final 25 hours of service required.

Service & Service Journal

Students should perform a minimum of 15 hours of service in each of the five distinct categories (totaling 75 hours) of service during their time at Southern Virginia. These categories include service in the workplace, world, community, church and in the home. These service hours should be carefully logged in a service journal. Students may begin their service journal their first semester at Southern Virginia and add entries until graduation.


Capstone Service Project

Students will demonstrate their appreciation of service through planning and carrying out a capstone service project. This project, involving a minimum of 25 hours of service, will showcase the students’ leadership abilities and provide service opportunities for other students.

A written proposal of the project will be presented to the service council no later than 60 days prior to the first day of classes of the student’s final semester at Southern Virginia. The proposal should contain specific details on logistics (materials, people involved, advertisement, locations), timelines and costs (if any).

The project must be completed four weeks prior to the last day of classes of the student’s final semester at Southern Virginia and a written summary of the completed project must be delivered to the service council no later than three weeks prior to the last day of classes.