Missionaries at Southern Virginia

Scholarships and special programs make Southern Virginia an inviting choice for both returned missionaries and prospective missionaries.

Returned Missionary Scholarship

Returned Missionary Scholarship

After you’ve been honorably released from an LDS mission, you will automatically receive our $1,500 per year Returned Missionary Scholarship every year you attend Southern Virginia University. Learn more

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LDS Environment

The special spirit of the Southern Virginia campus makes it perfect if you want to foster the spirit of the mission. With the largest institute on the east coast, weekly devotionals and forums, and a dedicated Code of Honor, spirituality and academic study grow together.

“I grew so much spiritually and academically at Southern Virginia University… Thanks to the good influences of my friends and others in the Southern Virginia community, I made the decision to serve a mission.”Derek Dixon

Reserve Your Place

If you want to serve before attending college, you can still apply for admission before your mission. If you commit to attend after your mission, you can reserve scholarships and your tuition will be “frozen” at pre-mission rates during your first year of attendance.

Flexible Deadlines

As long as there’s space in classes and residence halls, potential students may continue to apply for admission. This means that if you just barely returned from a mission, you can still apply for school even if the semester is about to start.


Zion’s Camp: Mission Prep

Southern Virginia University’s six-day summer camp provides an opportunity for Latter-day Saint youth to prepare for missionary service in an enjoyable, spiritually enriching environment.