Crisis and Evacuation Procedures

For all immediate emergencies, dial 911

Campus Security (Synergy Security): 540-261-4911
Jacob Smith, Director of Synergy Security Cell: 540-430-2406

Basic Procedures

Building Fire and Evacuation: These procedures are designed to help individuals respond in case of a building fire or a required building evacuation because of smoke, a chemical spill or other dangers within or surrounding the building that make evacuation necessary. If an evacuation is ordered, there is no time to waste. Exit the building quickly without panic or delay, gathering in designated assembly areas.
  • Fire alarm will sound.
  • Stay together. The last person to exit the room must close the door and leave it unlocked.
  • Proceed to the nearest exit and assemble in the designated area.
  • The professor or supervisor takes roll after the evacuation.
  • Report anyone missing to the security officer on scene.
  • Remain with group until security officer signals all clear.
  • If alone, please report to the designated area to meet with others not in a group.
Tornado and Shelter in Place: These procedures are designed to help protect you during a tornado or other severe weather incident that requires you to seek shelter in place. These procedures will only be initiated for an actual event. This usually means a tornado has been sighted and is headed our way. If advised to seek shelter in place, immediate action is required.
  • An administrator, a security officer or Alert Rockbridge will make an announcement activating a severe weather response.
  • Proceed to an area on the floor against an inside wall away from the windows and doors.
  • Get into “tornado position” pulling your knees up to your face and covering your head with your hands. Remain in that position until notified by an administrator.
  • When safe, create a list of missing persons and a list of extra persons, and submit them to security.
Lockdown: A lockdown is ordered when a situation on campus requires that students, faculty and staff remain in their rooms. The purpose of a lock down is to limit or eliminate movement around campus to allow emergency and law enforcement personnel to evaluate and gain control of a potentially dangerous situation.
  • An administrator, a security officer or Alert Rockbridge will announce that a lockdown is in effect.
  • Faculty, staff and students gather into the room from the hallway and bathroom.
  • If outside, remain outside with your group until otherwise directed.
  • DO NOT leave room or allow others to leave.
  • Create a list of missing persons and a list of extra persons.
  • Only call security or administrators in an emergency.
  • Continue working or instructing as usual.
  • Alert Rockbridge, a security officer or administrator will make an announcement stating the lockdown is finished.
Code Red:A code red is initiated only when there is reason to believe individuals are on campus with a weapon or weapons and it is feared that they intend to harm someone. The university will never drill a code red without announcing the drill in advance to everyone.
  • An administrator, a security officer or Alert Rockbridge will announce that a code red is in effect.
  • Professors and supervisors are to close and lock room doors. All room lights and computer monitors should be turned off.
  • Check visually from the interior of the room and the hall outside the room. Anyone in the hall will be directed to the nearest room.
  • If outside, remain outside and seek cover.
  • DO NOT leave room or allow anyone to leave unless law enforcement or emergency personnel arrive.
  • Create a list of missing persons and a list of extra persons.
  • Keep everyone quiet.
  • Have everyone remain on the floor in a sitting or crouching position away from the windows and doors.
  • DO NOT call security.
  • DO NOT evacuate in the event of a fire alarm during a code red without the appearance of law enforcement or emergency personnel.

CODE RED can be initiated by anyone who observes a person or persons displaying weapons in an unusual or threatening way on campus. To initiate a CODE RED, call 911 and report what you have seen, the last location of the subject(s), their description, what they were doing and what weapons you saw. Dispatch will alert the police and security.

Assembly Areas*

Work/Living Quarters Designated Assembly Location
Main Hall Grassy field located north of Chandler Hall and south of the tennis courts
Craton Hall East end of the parking lot, east of Craton Hall
Robey Hall Grassy area east of Robey Hall
Landrum Grassy field to the south of Landrum and north of the Library
Durham Hall Lawn area south of Craton Hall and east of Robey Hall
Library Grassy field north of Library and south of Landrum
Kimball Student Center Lawn north of Chandler and south of the tennis courts
Chandler Hall Grassy field north of Chandler and south of the tennis courts
Stoddard Center (SAC) Parking lot to the west of the complex
Carriage Apartments and all Complex Modulars Front parking lot
Lofts Parking lot south of the Lofts
Ann B. Stoddard Living Center Gravel lot closest to building
Chestnut House Across the street
Magnolia House Grassy area next to the faculty parking lot
*Please use caution when crossing the road to avoid being hit by emergency response vehicles responding to the scene and drivers distracted by the commotion.