Tuition Reset FAQ

$7,300 per semester or $14,600 per year.

Southern Virginia currently uses a high-cost/high-discount financial model. Our research indicates that this financial model is confusing to prospective students, who often experience “sticker shock” when viewing the full tuition and do not realize that there are many scholarships and grants available to them. By resetting tuition and aid, we are bringing the sticker price closer to the price that most students actually pay. We expect this change to enhance our efforts to develop and expand the university and bless the lives of more students.

The tuition reset will take effect in fall semester 2014.

All current and incoming students enrolled at Southern Virginia beginning in fall semester 2014.

Because of the tuition reset, the university will not implement a projected three percent annual tuition increase this year. Therefore, all students will pay less than they would have without the tuition reset.

After the tuition reset occurs, federal and state financial aid will cover a greater percentage of eligible students’ tuition. Returning students who previously were paying more than $7,300 per semester will see their tuition bills decrease.

Student Financial Services will recalculate tuition and financial aid for all current students so that they will pay the same or less for tuition than they did the year prior to the tuition reset. All institutional financial aid, including all university grants and scholarships, will be combined into one line on the student’s account, called “Institutional Scholarship.” So, although returning students may not see each particular scholarship or grant listed by name on their accounts, the students will still pay the same or less than they did prior to the tuition reset.

Beginning in March 2014, Student Financial Services will send an email with the adjusted financial aid packages to returning students. This email will provide a link for students to view their adjusted packages. Students should contact Student Financial Services if they have any questions.

The university has no plans to alter any programs or lessen the quality of a student’s experience at Southern Virginia in any way as a result of the tuition reset.

The university anticipates that the average tuition contribution per student will remain similar to what it is now or decrease slightly, for both new and returning students.

In addition to providing a competitive tuition and a number of scholarships and grants, Southern Virginia has a four-year graduation guarantee, which gives eligible students the opportunity to graduate in four years or take their remaining classes tuition-free. Additionally, Southern Virginia offers summer term courses at a discounted rate, enabling some students to graduate in three years.

Students should contact Student Financial Services at or 540 261-8405.