In accordance with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974, all transcript requests must be made in writing and include the student’s signature. We cannot accept transcript requests by telephone or email.

Official copies of transcripts may be withheld based on outstanding financial or other obligations to the college.

Transcript Requests

  1. Please fill out a transcript request form. Download the form or obtain one at the Registrar’s Office.
  2. The form may be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to the Registrar’s Office.
    • Mailing Address: Office of the Registrar, Southern Virginia University, One University Hill Drive, Buena Vista, VA 24416
    • E-mail Address:
    • Fax Number: (540) 266-3554
  3. Transcript requests are usually processed within two to five business days after the request is received. However, there are some times during the year, such as holidays and the beginning or end of the term, when transcript requests may take up to 10 days for processing.

Transcript Fees:

    • Current Students:  $5.00 per copy.
    • Southern Virginia University Graduates:  First 5 transcripts are free; $5.00 per copy afterwards.
    • Former Southern Virginia University Students, Southern Seminary, Southern Virginia College for Women students: $15.00 per copy.

Postage Fees:

    • Regular Mail: Included with the transcript fee.
    • Priority Mail: An Additional $6.65.
    • Overnight Mail: An additional $30.00.

If you have any questions regarding transcripts, please send an e-mail to or call (540) 261-8408.

Grade Reports

Semester grades are available online through accessing the student’s account on MySVU. Grades will not be reported over the phone. Once grades are recorded in the Registrar’s Office, requests for changes must be submitted in writing by the instructor. A “Change of Grade Form” is available in the Registrar’s Office or on the form page of our website.

Special Transcript Notations

Special notations on transcripts issued by the University are as follows:

  • Audit. “AU” is given for courses that have been audited. No credit or quality points awarded.
  • Incomplete. “I” is given in a course by the instructor to a student who, because of illness or other circumstance beyond the student’s control, has not been able to complete course requirements on time. The student must be doing passing work when the “I” is given. A grade of “I” becomes an “F” if the course requirements are not met within the time allotted by the instructor, not to exceed six months. An “I” earns no quality points. Division chair approval is required.
  • Pass. “P” carries no quality points and is not included when computing grade point average.
  • Repeated Course. “R” designates a repeated course. The grade of the repeated course replaces the original grade in calculating the cumulative GPA. The original grade remains on the official record.
  • Satisfactory Progress. “SP” designates satisfactory progress in an internship or senior-level project course for which the duration of the required work is expected to span more than one semester. These courses are few in number and require pre-listing approval from the Academic Affairs Council before “SP” may be used as a grade option. An SP grade carries no credit hours or quality points and must be replaced by a standard “A through F” grade within six months, otherwise it converts to “F.”
  • Transfer. “T” designates a transfer course. It carries credit hours as determined by the registrar, but no grade or quality points.
  • Withdraw. “W” designates a withdrawal from a course before the end of the sixth week of a semester or the second week of a term. It may also indicate withdrawal from the university. No credit or quality points are awarded.