New Student Registration Fall 2017

After you have paid your registration deposit, you are ready to register for classes.

Step 1

If you intend to take Spanish, French, or German this year, and you have studied the language before, then take the appropriate placement test to make sure you sign up for the correct course.

Step 2

Complete the Registration Questionnaire

Step 3

Login to MySVU to select your courses. A typical first-semester course schedule looks like this:

  • A composition course (WRI 110 or WRI 120)
  • SER 103, Becoming a Leader-Servant (2 credit hour, required course)
  • A core course (i.e. LIB 110, LIB 120, LIB 130)
  • One science or foreign language course (3 or 4 credit hours)
  • One math course, a second core course, or an introductory course in an area of interest (3 credit hours)
  • One physical activity course, PER 143 Health and Wellness, and/or a music ensemble (1 to 3 credit hours)

Total credit hours: 13-16.

Your schedule may be slightly different than this depending on your entering test scores or transfer credits.

Further Information

Graduation requires 120 credit hours, including completion of the Core Curriculum and a major. Here is a list of all graduation requirements. You can find the requirements to complete in your first two years on the Core checklist. A list of all courses being offered this fall can be found in MySVU.

We encourage you to take a religion course at the CES Institute at the LDS meetinghouse on campus. Some Institute courses may be transferred to Southern Virginia after completion (for details, see the University Catalog). To register for Institute classes, please visit the Buena Vista, VA Institute website.


Please contact the Registrar’s Office for assistance. (540-261-8408,