Academic Advising

Every Southern Virginia student has a faculty advisor. Your academic advisor counsels with you on your course choices so that you fulfill the Core requirements and make adequate progress towards graduation. Your advisor and other faculty members are good resources to consult on the various majors.

When you are admitted to Southern Virginia, the registrar assigns you an academic advisor. You will usually have a class with that professor, so you will see him or her often. Generally you will stay with that advisor for the first two years.

By the end of your sophomore year, you must declare a major. Generally, students change their advisor to a faculty member in their declared major. Advisor change and declaration of major forms are available in the registrar’s office.

Academic Assistance

Your professors are your best resource when you are struggling in a course. If you are having difficulty, go to them first. They may suggest that you seek assistance from the tutoring center. The tutoring center, located in the library, is staffed by faculty and student tutors. It offers help in writing, math, and Spanish. Tutoring for other courses can be arranged if there is sufficient need. The tutoring center also provides assistance to K-12 students and other community members. For more information, please contact Melissa Davis at 540-261-4087 or

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